Villa Clara, Cuba

Visit this province full of nightlife, history about the revolution and wonderful places to relax. 

Villa Clara, Cuba
Villa Clara
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Strategically located in the center of the island, Villa Clara has always been nucleus of colonizers and revolutionaries fighting for material benefits. Pirates were a problem for the first years of Colonialism in the first city of the island, Remedios, later abandoned because of a great fire. Its population increased back again with the arrival of Canary people who brought with them agricultural knowledge to the tobacco plantations.


Villa Clara, Che Monument
Che Monument
© Guillaume Bavier

Ernesto Che Guevara wasn’t born or dead in here, but in Villa Clara took place the Cuban Revolution. This happened in 1958, when Che, supported by a bunch, made derail an armored  train carrying more than 350 armed soldiers from the east, delivering Santa Clara from the Batiste dictatorship. 

Villa Clara, Santa Clara
Villa Clara, Santa Clara
© Chris Michael

This place has many reasons to be an attraction, like the mixture of dismal tobacco plantations and calm lakes. The city of Santa Clara is one of the most visited places in the country, being filled with key historical places for the Cuban Revolution and shelter of a young nightlife. In the south of this city is located the quiet Embalse Hanabanilla Reservoir, in Escambray hills. 

The calm Remedios is the oldest place in Villa Clara, only lively during the wild Las Parrandas Festivities. Further north we will find Caibarién, a picturesque fishing city with friendly  where the fresh breeze of the sea is breathed all along the year. Moreover, we can enjoy an endless list of small and idyllic fine-grained islands with crystal-clear waters, the Northern Cay Group Archipelago, communicated with Caibarién by a long road above the sea.

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