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Isla de la Juventud Island, Cuba

Discover the unparalleled charm of the beautiful landscapes in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

Isla de la Juventud Island, Cuba
Isla de la Juventud
© alain burosse

Isla de la Juventud is a Cuban municipality located in the south of the island. It was called Isla de Pinos until 1978, when its name was changed by the government. Announced by the president Fidel Castro, the new name was chosen in honour of the thousands of young people that studied there and collaborated in the development and reconstruction of the island after Hurricane Alma in 1966.

Playa del Pucho Beach, Isla de la Juventud
Playa del Pucho Beach
© alain burosse

Historically, it was home to the Siboneyes indians who left one of the most important pieces of rock art throughout Cuba, specially in the Punta del Este Caves. It was also home of Fidel Castro when he was the prisoner number RN3859 in the Modelo Presidium, that now can be visited as a museum. Home as well of a young José Martí; and of all the corsairs and pirates that stood in the island leaving an infinity of legends.

Sierra Caballos Mountain Range, Isla de la Juventud
Sierra Caballos Mountain Range
© Rafael Ferro

Nowadays Isla de la Juventud is a quiet, relaxing and familiar place. Although it has few visitors, it is an unique and charming place. The adventures in its sea beds attract to diving lovers, its coral reefs and beautiful fishes will impress you. If that is accompanied by incredible paradisiac beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands like Paradise Beach or Long Beach, we’ll have one of the best places in the world for beach tourism.

But Isla de la Juventud is not only a beach. The capital Nueva Gerona, gives us the chance of walking along its beautiful streets and knowing the culture of the municipality in the Natural History Museum or the El Abra State Museum. We can’t forget its tropical natural sources like Jones Jungle or the Indians Ecologic Reservation, where you can lose yourself in the green nature and the strange animal species.

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