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What to see in Villa Clara

Discover the must-visit spots during your stay in Villa Clara, Cuba and get into the Cuban spirit

Villa Clara is a province with a vibrant nightlife, revolutionary history and wonderful places to discover, located in the center of Cuba. Its landscape is a mixture of green mountains and idyllic beaches.

Santa ClaraSanta Clara
Discover the place known as “Liberal City”, full of historical areas and a youthful atmosphere.

Embalse Hanabanilla ReservoirEmbalse Hanabanilla Reservoir
Discover the different parts of the Hanabanilla artificial lake, created through the construction of a dam in 1961.

Leoncio Vidal ParkLeoncio Vidal Park
Symbol of culture and identity of Villaclareños, declared a National Monument in 1999. 

Loma del Capiro HillLoma del Capiro Hill
Natural terrain elevation with prestigious views over the city, considered National Monument of the Republic of Cuba.

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen ChurchIglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church
Visit the oldest church in the city of Santa Clara. 

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje ChurchIglesia de Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje Church
A chaotic blend of Gothic, Romanesque and Neoclassical architecture to the east of the center.

Toma del Tren Blindado MonumentToma del Tren Blindado Monument
Discover a part of Cuba’s revolutionary history by exploring the coaches of the Blindado Train.

Ernesto Che Guevara MonumentErnesto Che Guevara Monument
Contemplate the commemorative sculpture of the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Che Guevara in Bolivia. 

Santas Hermanas de Santa Clara de Asís CathedralSantas Hermanas de Santa Clara de Asís Cathedral
Visit this beautiful cathedral built amidst great controversy due to the demolition of the original Santa Clara Church.

El Bosque Zoological Garden (Camilo Cienfuegos)El Bosque Zoological Garden (Camilo Cienfuegos)
Escape the city’s heat and enjoy this park and its mixture of live animals. 

Provincial Palace and Provincial Library José MartíProvincial Palace and Provincial Library José Martí
Wonderful Neoclassical building who se history goes from being for the Provincial Government to Martí Library.

Caridad TheaterCaridad Theater
This architectural, patrimonial and cultural jewel is one of the most relevant places for art business in Cuba.

Calm Cuban area with one of the wildest festivals in the Caribbean, Las Parrandas

Iglesia Parroquial de San Juan Bautista Church and Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje ChurchIglesia Parroquial de San Juan Bautista Church and Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje Church
Visit the only Cuban square with two Catholic churches, one located facing the other.

Alejandro García Caturla Music MuseumAlejandro García Caturla Music Museum
Visit the Music Museum, dedicated to one of the exponents of contemporary Cuban music.

Rubén M. Villena TheaterRubén M. Villena Theater
Enjoy a nice evening of leisure in the elegant Colonial Theater of the city of Remedios.

Visit this picturesque Cuban city also known as Villa Blanca (White City), located in the North Coast of the province of Villa Clara. 

Marcelo Salado SUgar Industry MuseumMarcelo Salado SUgar Industry Museum
Visit the museum which houses part of the history of the sugar industry in Cuba. 

María Escobar Laredo Municipal MuseumMaría Escobar Laredo Municipal Museum
Located in the heart of Caibarién, this building shows us the glory days of this humble city.

Northern Cay GroupNorthern Cay Group
Visit the hundreds of small and idyllic cayos (keys) connected to Caibarién by El Pedraplén.

El PedraplénEl Pedraplén
To sail El Pedraplén (The Causeway), the largest in the world, is to have the feeling of sailing across a flat world is a priceless experience.

Las Brujas CayLas Brujas Cay
Immerse yourself in a world of reefs and incredible sea floors which conceal the first key crossing, El Pedraplén

Petrolero San Pascual Oil TankerPetrolero San Pascual Oil Tanker
After 70 years since running aground, this ship is considered by locals as just another islet.

Santa María KeySanta María Key
The last key at El Pedraplén, and the biggest, it is the most idyllic choice when looking for the relaxation of the sun and beach.

Cayo EnsenachosCayo Ensenachos
Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty and peace of Los Ensenachos and El Mégano beaches in the smallest but most beautiful key of all.

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