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Trinidad, Cuba

Let yourself be surprised by Trinidad and stroll through one of the most beautiful colonial cities in your stay in Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba
© Olivier Devue

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful and most authentic colonial cities in Cuba. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988, it was the third villa founded by the Spanish crown in Cuba by Diego Velázquez in 1514.

Brunet Palace, Trinidad
Brunet Palace
© Rafael Ferro

Today it is considered a city-museum with a magnificent colonial architectural heritage from the 18th and 19th centuries. Notably its narrow cobblestone streets, beautifully restored buildings, majestic churches and fantastic courtyards, which give it that typically colonial atmosphere.

Walking through its streets you will feel the authentic Cuban spirit. You will go back in time, when the streets were not so crowded with cars and life was much quieter. Let the charm of this town made city run through your body.

Believe it or not, this city did not always have this spirit of tranquility. Learn about the legends and myths rooted in the countless Dutch and English pirate attacks that ravaged the city. Not only that, the African slaves who sustained the sugar industry have also left a unique mark.

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What are the best places to see in Trinidad, Cuba?

Historic Center of Trinidad, Cuba
Historic Center of Trinidad, Cuba
© Sabino Parente
Museo Romántico, Trinidad, Cuba
Museo Romántico, Trinidad, Cuba
© Colin Hepburn

The city has around fifty mansions and countless properties worth admiring, such as the Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad (Church), the Museo Romántico (Romantic Museum) located in the Palacio Brunet; the Casa Templo de Yemayá, where there is an altar dedicated to the god of the sea; the Museo de Arte Colonial, the Casa de la Trova or the Museo de Historia, located in the Palacio Cantero, as well as many other places of interest that will undoubtedly catch your eye.

It also boasts beautiful plazas, such as the well-known Plazuela Las Tres Palmitas or the famous Plaza de Santa Ana, which is located in the heart of the city's historical center, barely 500 meters from the Plaza Mayor, and was the main access point to the Valle de los Ingenio, where the Torre Manaca-Iznaga (Tower) is without a doubt a spectacular watchtower which was used to control the slaves who worked in the sugar mills.

The Plaza Mayor de Trinidad was the start of restoration work in the 1980s, just before the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which significantly boosted tourism. Today, in this plaza you can see the statue of Terpsichore, muse of dance and music.

The Best Plans to Make in Trinidad

Topes de Collantes
Topes de Collantes
© Sergey Uryadnikov

The city's rich heritage is mainly due to the economic expansion in the sugar industry carried out by the aristocracy and the famous Iznaga, Borrell and Brunel families.

Trinidad is also a good place to get to know the central region of Cuba, because of its good location and the fact that only a few kilometers away you will find cities and incredible natural sites, making it an excellent starting point for many excursions.

If you are looking to be in touch with nature, the nearby Parque Natural de Topes de Collantes will surprise you with its beautiful waterfalls, like the spectacular Salto del Caburni. To get there, you will have to follow one of the most beautiful routes in the park: the Sendero Vegas Grandes. A little further away, but still nearby, is the beautiful city of Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of Southern Cuba, from where you can go to the exotic waterfalls of El Nicho, in the Sierra de Escambray.

When is the best time to go?

Trinidad is a city well worth visiting whatever the time of year, but if you can manage to go during the second week of January you can enjoy the Trinitaria Cultural Week, which also coincides with the anniversary of the city. Another important event is the Fiestas Sanjuaneras, which takes place in June and is celebrated with a beautiful carnival.

The Best Excusrsion in Trinidad

During your stay in the city you can go on numerous excursions that will make your experience even better. Some of the best known are: Jeep Safari Nengoa, a jeep excursion where you can explore the Parque Natural Topes de Collantes; Nature Tour Trinidad, where you will not only discover nature in Alturas de Banao but also learn about colonial history in the Valle de los Ingenios; if you want to learn in depth the importance of the sugar industry on the island the Sugar Tour is ideal for you; if you are looking to enjoy the beach and the sea, the boat trip in Cayo Blanco will suit your needs. You can navigate through the cristal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and dive in its unparalleled seabed.

However, if you want to get to know Trinidad in the most efficient way possible, day trips are your best option. Explore the streets with an electric bicycle and enjoy a different view of the city.

How to Get to Trinidad

Trinidad is a city well worth visiting whatever the time of year, but if you can manage to go during the second week of January you can enjoy the Trinitaria Cultural Week, which also coincides with the anniversary of the city. Another important event is the Fiestas Sanjuaneras, which takes place in June and is celebrated with a beautiful carnival.

Where to stay?

Trinidad street, Sancti Spíritus
Trinidad street
© Raquel Hernandes

Tourism here has a more Cuban atmosphere than in many other cities in the country, so the best way to get to know the real Trinidad is to stay in a private house. It will give you the chance to live life as Cubans do and understand their daily life better. There is nothing like chatting with a Trinitarian to learn about the fabulous legends of slaves, pirates and hidden treasures that this fascinating place has to offer.

Regardless, if you prefer to stay in a hotel there are also several options. Among those we recommend are: Hotel la Popa, at the top of the hill of the same name you will find this hotel ideal for couples; the Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad, a five star hotel in the heart of the city's historic center; the Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar, a perfect hotel if you want to enjoy the sun, as it is on the beachfront in Playa Ancón; and the Hotel la Ronda, a family friendly hotel in the heart of the city.

Travel Packages to Trinidad

Trinidad de Cuba
Trinidad de Cuba
© Pedro Szekely

To know the city well is recommended to stay between 1 and 3 nights, depending on the time you have for your trip to Cuba, but undoubtedly it is a place you should not miss. Its magnificent beaches, the exuberant nature of Topes de Collantes and, above all, the unique atmosphere of the city make it one of the destinations you cannot miss.

If you want a tailor-made trip so as not to miss anything and to make the most of your stay in Trinidad and Cuba, don't forget to look at our tailor-made travel packages. Remember, we adapt your trip to be a unique experience.

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