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Travelling to Cuba

Discover all you have to know before going to Cuba.

Before travelling to a different country, such as Cuba, it is essential that you get familiar with some facts about its culture, customs, and laws in order to make the most of your trip while saving money and time, as well as avoiding unpleasant situations that could tarnish your memories of Cuba.

FAQs on about preparing your trip to Cuba.

Discover the basic facts about the Cuban archipelago before starting your trip. In this section you will find several answered FAQ, such as:

Accommodation in CubaWhat are the kinds of accommodation available in Cuba?
Discover the best types of accommodation for you in Cuba.

DocumentosWhat official documents do I need to visit Cuba?
Find out which are the required documents to enter Cuba (ID, Visa, Passport, etc.).

LanguageWhich is the official language of Cuba and what languages are commonly used? 
Find out which is the official language of Cuba and what other languages can be useful when talking with Cubans.

WeatherHow is the weather like in Cuba?
Learn more about the weather in Cuba and the average temperatures you can expect.

CurrencyWhat is the official currency in Cuba?
Find out about official currency and widespread payment options.

Sockets and Electricity in CubaWhat is the plug and socket I need, and what voltage
Find out about what kinds of plugs and sockets are used in Cuba, as what voltage is the most common.

phoneHow can I call to and from Cuba? Will I be able to use the internet?
Find out how you can call to and from Cuba, and discover the best internet connection spots.

Travelling with pets to CubaWhat documents does my pet need to travel with me to Cuba?
Find out which documents your pet needs to travel to Cuba with you.

Bank Holidays and Festivities in CubaWhat is the official calendar and holidays?
Learn more about the official calendar and most popular holidays in Cuba. .

FestivitiesWhen are the most important festivities held in Cuba?
Discover which are the most important festivities and when they are held.

Safety in CubaWill I be safe in Cuba?
Learn more about safety in Cuba and about Cuban Police.

Healthcare in CubaWhat is the quality of healthcare? What should I do if I need medical assistance?
Learn more about Cuba’s healthcare system and the kind of health coverage you will have should you have an accident.

Time ZoneWhich time-zone is Cuba in?
Find out which time-zone Cuba is in.

Customs in CubaHow do customs work in Cuba?
Customs in Cuba.

Opening Hours in CubaWhat are the normal opening hours of stores in Cuba?
Find out the common opening hours in Cuba.

Tipping in CubaIs tipping appropriate?
Learn about tipping in Cuba.

Embassies and Consulates in CubaWhere is my country’s embassy in Cuba?
Find the location of your country’s embassy in Cuba.

Disabled Travellers in CubaIs Cuba a good destination for travellers with mobility reduction?
Find out which are the facilities and services in Cuba prepared for handicapped travellers.

Political SystemWhat is the political system in Cuba?
Learn about Cuba’s political system.

Religion and FaithWhat are the major religions in Cuba?
Find out the major religions in Cuba.

Flag of CubaWhat is Cuba’s official flag?
Discover Cuba’s official flag and some interesting facts about it.

Coat of Arms of CubaWhat is the coat of arms of Cuba?
Find out what does the official coat of arms of the Republic of Cuba look like.

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