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Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba

Enjoy Cayo Las Brujas in your trip to Cuba, its exotic beaches of turquoise waters and its wonderful sea beds

Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba
Cayo Las Brujas
© Guillaume Baviere

Cayo Las Brujas is the first of the cayos (keys) you will find when you cross the Pedraplén a road built across the sea, which connects the bay of Villa Clara with Cayo Santa María and the rest of the keys of the archipelago known as Cayerías del Norte.

Its entire north coast is occupied by a spectacular 2 km long heavenly beach of fine white sand and turquoise waters.

The tropical environment near the Canal de las Bahamas (Bahamas Channel) is home to wonderful coral reefs, the second largest concentration of reefs in the world after Australia.


What are the best beaches in Cayo Las Brujas?

Punta Periquillo, Cayo Las Brujas
Punta Periquillo, Cayo Las Brujas
© Wilder Méndez

Cayo Las Brujas stands out for its exotic and lush vegetation, mainly composed of mangroves along its coast, where you can find idyllic beaches such as Playa Las Salinas, the principal beach of this key.

This beach has 2 km of fine white sand, magnificent for relaxing. One of its greatest strengths is its natural habitat, is that it has an idyllic and practically virgin environment, in spite of being close to resorts where you will find all kinds of services, such as the Villa Las Brujas hotel.

Due to its location in the Bahamas channel, it is a very good place to go diving and admire its coral reefs and sea beds.

How can I get to Cayo Las Brujas?

Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba
Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba
© Wilder Méndez

Cayo Las Brujas is one of the keys located in the archipelago known as Cayerías del Norte, which also includes Cayo Santa María and Cayo Ensenachos. All of them are connected to each other and to the main island of Cuba through the Pedraplén, an amazing road that respects the environment built over the sea. 

It is therefore possible to arrive by car or bus, but it is important to know that, for example, if you are travelling from Havana, the journey can be long and it would be advisable to make some stops.

In addition, Cayo Las Brujas has a small airport, Aeropuerto Cayo Las Brujas (Cayo Las Brujas Airport) , which has only one runway, suitable for small and medium sized planes. The nearest international airport is the Aeropuerto Abel Santamaría (Abel Santamaría Airport), in Santa Clara; although the most used airport for the arrival to these keys from other countries is the Aeropuerto José Martí (José Martí Airport), in Havana.

What activities can I do in Cayo Las Brujas?

Puerto Deportivo Marina Gaviota, Cayo Las Brujas
Puerto Deportivo Marina Gaviota, Cayo Las Brujas
© Guillaume Baviere

Cayo Las Brujas is the perfect place for diving and windsurfing lovers. It also has the most important tourist port in Cuba, the Marina Gaviota and a diving center with professional instructors that make it an unbeatable destination for the practice of nautical sports. Another particularity of the area is the Petrolero San Pascual (San Pascual oil tanker), which has been stranded near Cayo Francés for almost 90 years. It has become an original ship, since it was made of reinforced concrete in San Francisco in 1920.

The catamaran Crucero del Sol (Sun Cruise), the most important activity in the area, sails from Cayo Las Brujas. It is a beautiful boat trip where you will be amazed by the turquoise blue of the sea and the contrast created by the spectacular keys.

Don't forget the dolphinarium at Cayo Santa María. Accessible from the Pedraplén, you can fulfill your dream of swimming with playful dolphins.

Which are the best hotels in Cayo Las Brujas?

In this key you will only find exclusive resort-style hotel accommodations as in the rest of Cuba's keys.

As for Cayo Las Brujas, the already mentioned Villa Las Brujas and the luxurious Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas Beach Resort & Spa, with a great deal of services, stand out; the Grand Sirenis Cayo Santa María, a resort prepared for all your needs; and the Dhawa Cayo Santa María, where you can enjoy a private beach.

Another luxurious five-star hotel is the Sercotel Experience Cayo Santa María, equipped with all kinds of details. There are also specialized hotels just for adults, such as the Angsana Cayo Santa María.

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