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Caibarién, Cuba

Visit the picturesque Caibarién, a city identified as the "Villa Blanca", located on the north coast of Cuba

Caibarién, Villa Clara
© Manfred Webler

Caibarién is located on the north coast of Villa Clara province in central Cuba.

In 1832 the construction of the city began and it was officially founded in 1841. Caibarién comes from Cayo Barien, which was its first name. It housed a customs office enabled for the international trade of its port. It also has an intense coastal commercial traffic and it is a strategic point of routes and maritime crossings. Its population grew progressively: in 1841 it had about 265 inhabitants, and today it has about 38,000.

Caibarién is a village with a tradition of fishing and hospitable people where you can breathe the fresh sea breeze all year round.


What can I see in Caibarién?

Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera de Caibarién
Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera de Caibarién
© Stephen Colebourne

The focal point of Caibarién is the Plaza de la Libertad, where everyone meets up. In addition, Caibarién has a boardwalk full of life.

It has several historical and natural attractions for tourism. One of the best sugar mills has been converted into a museum, the Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera Marcelo Salado (Marcelo Salado Sugar Mill Museum). Here you will discover the history of the Cuban sugar industry. At the Museo Municipal María Escobar Laredo (Maria Escobar Laredo Municipal Museum) you will find the largest collection of negatives of photographs in the world.

Estatua del Cangrejo, Caibarién
Estatua del Cangrejo, Caibarién
© Wilder Méndez

Other attractions include a monument to a giant crab, as it is representative of the city, and its recently extended boardwalk. The Estatua del Cangrejo (Crab Statue) guards the entrance to the city, and was designed by Florencio Gelabert Pérez and erected in 1983.

Furthermore, what most identifies this region are its cayos (keys) with heavenly beaches, connected to the town through El Pedraplén, a road that runs through the sea, respecting the sea currents. This is the case of the trio of keys connected to each other and to the island of Cuba: Cayo Santa María (the largest of all), Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Las Brujas.

What can I see in Caibarién? When is the best time to visit Caibarién?

Whether you are travelling around Cuba, or want to visit the keys near Caibarien, any time of year is good because of the excellent climate of the area.

Just like nearby Remedios, the city of Caibarien has its own Christmas Parrandas. These are typical celebrations of the area. So it might be interesting to consider the dates of Christmas.

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