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The Cayos, Cuba

Explore all the splendid cayos (keys) spread throughout Cuba and discover all their hidden gems

The Cayos, Cuba
The Cayos, Cayo Largo Cuba
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Although the island has a large number of attractions, The Cayos of Cuba are surely the most extraordinary, as they bring together marvellous Caribbean beaches with fine white sands and crystalline waters, and an exuberant nature you can get lost in during your vacation in Cuba

Cayo Santa María, Cuba
Cayo Santa María, Cuba
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Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Guillermo
© Cristian Viarisio
The Cayos, Cayo Coco, Cuba
Cayo Coco
© Marie Claude Leclerc

What’s more, The Cayos of Cuba are so varied that they will fit to whatever your needs may be, so that you can pick whichever one interests you most in order to enjoy yourself completely. As such, you’ll have to keep in mind what each one has to offer and what makes them so special.

The extremely well-known Cayo Santa María, joined to the island by El Pedraplén (Causeway), is a dream for those who seek relaxation and amusement, as it has all types of services and facilities that will allow you to get the rest you need. Even more, you’ll have a huge variety of activities to choose from, including exhilarating water sports, as well as paradise beaches that you’d expect to see in the Caribbean and which deserve their name of the ‘Rosa Blanca de los Jardines del Rey (The White Rose of the King’s Gardens)’.

Cayo Guillermo, which also belongs to the incredible Jardines del Rey, the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, is a real paradise with an incomparable fauna and beauty, surrounded by a gorgeous dune landscape, that you’ll be amazed by while travelling through it. What’s more, its crystalline waters will give you to opportunity to dive into its wonderful ocean depths, so if you love diving and snorkelling, you’ll miss some of its natural charms.

The last of the cayos that makes up the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago is Cayo Coco, considered a touristic natural park that will no doubt provide you with all you need to make your journey across the island a unique experience. In this way, you’ll be able to swim at any of its dream-like beaches, lose yourself in its natural expanses and have fun doing waters sports, as it also has its own diving center.

However, Cuba does not only contain such touristic hotspots, so if you’re looking for a quieter vacation, with the same natural treasures and while feeling a sense of privilege, you’ll have to go to one of its lesser explored islets.

The largest of these gems is Cayo Largo, passageway for pirates and privateers in the past and, nowadays, the perfect place to totally enjoy the unforgettable experience that traveling to Cuba entails. As such, between coral reefs, gorgeous paradise beaches, some still untouched, and astounding species of marine life, you’ll feel that earthly paradises really do exist.

Yet, it’s Cayo Levisa that you can’t miss out on if your plan is to discover Cuba in its purest form, as, due to little use, houses an infinitesimal amount if intact expanses that are just waiting to be explored. So, if you want to discover them, you’ll have to take time planning your journey, and know that there is only one hotel.

Likewise, while on the island you’ll have the opportunity to go on excursions to its most hidden islets, such as the spectacular Cayo Blanco, where you can’t stay, but you’ll be able to take advantage of every minute of your visit to take part in the activities on offer.

What’s more, the most exclusive cayos exist in Cuba, those such as the extraordinary Cayo Ensenachos, just like other lesser known cayos but with the same qualities that nature in Cuba has to show you. So, Cayo Las Brujas (Witches Key), with the second-largest coral reef in the world; Cayo Saetía, with its swampy surroundings; and Cayo Sabinal, with its innumerable amount of animal species, are only a few other destinations to note down for your trip to Cuba, according to your interests. Although these are not the only cayos that are spread out across the island, as there is an enormous variety of other islets that surround the island, waiting to be discovered.

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