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Theater in Cuba

Discover which are the theaters you cannot miss on your way through the island of Cuba.

Theater in Cuba
Theater in Cuba
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The quality of the buildings in Cuba is worldwide known; there is an infinite quantity of enclosures with an incomparable beauty in the Caribbean, among which stand out above all: the Gran Teatro de la Habana Theater, the historical Cagaüey Principal Theater and the beautiful Tomás Terry de Cienfuegos Theater.


The Gran Teatro de la Habana Theater, popularly known as García Lorca Concerts Room. The headquarters of the Spanish Ballet and the Cuba National Opera. Its billboard frequently varies.

Cuba National Theater, where you can enjoy the best international companies.

Fausto Theater, famous for its hilarious comedy shows.

El Sótano Theater-Room. They make Cuban theater contemporary plays.

Hubert de Blanck Room - Theater, where there are developed classic and modern plays.

Mella Theater. You can enjoy modern and folkloric dances, theater plays and Humour Festival.  

Amadeo Roldán Theater-Auditorium.


Camagüey Principal Theater,  built up in 1850 with a Neoclassic style, is the headquarters of the famous Camagüey Ballet. It offer regularly theater representations and variety shows.


“Tomás Terry” Theater


Manzanillo Theater. It is a beautiful building meticulously restored and decorated with magnificent oil paintings. It usually sponsors presentations of itinerant dance companies, such as the Camagüey Ballet.

Bayazo Theater. It offers spectacles by itinerant and local companies.

José Joaquín Palma Theater Room, in Bayamo. Its Postmodern building, was designed by the Cuban architect Walter Betancourt in the 1940s, it raises in the old town in the former place of the Iglesia de la Luz Church. On Saturdays it sponsors representations of the Guiñol Theater, the famous children's theater company.  

Las Tunas:

La Pérgola Theater, offers plays with spectacles magic, comedy and theater.

Tunas Theater, hosts ballet representations.

Pinar del Río:

José Jacinto Milanés Theater, opened in 1845.

Santa Lucía:

Principal Theater, dating from 1850, with a Neoclassic style and headquarters of the famous Camagüey Ballet.  


Sauto en Matanzas Theater, opened in 1863. One of the most refined ones in Cuba and worldwide known by its acoustics, where played the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso and the Russian ballet ballerina Anna Pavlova.  

Villa Clara:

La Caridad Theater.

Vidal Park. Enjoy the municipal orchestra which has been playing in this place twice a week since 1902.

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