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Remedios, Cuba

Visit Remedios on your way through central Cuba and discover one of the most authentic colonial cities in the country

Remedios, Villa Clara
© Guillaume Baviere

Remedios was founded between 1513 and 1524, making it one of the oldest settlements in Cuba. It's found in the center of the Island, in the province of Villa Clara and possesses a rich historical and cultural path. Making this historical urban center a national monument in 1980.

It's a very calm and beautiful place, a dynamic city of its own life, with exquisite buildings, walks, parks, schools and monuments. It only breaks its peace during the popular festival of Las Parrandas, in which the locals, euphoric, compete against each other with floats, fireworks and dance competitions. It attracts people from all over the island, and its so important that the city has a museum dedicated to this phenomenon and collects the memorabilia of these celebrations.


hat to see Remedios?

Remedios, Villa Clara
Remedios, Villa Clara
© Jean-Marc Astesana

One of the best ways to soak up its atmosphere is through its magnificent central plaza, which offers a treasure trove of 18th and 19th century buildings. It is the only square in the country with two churches: Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje and the Parroquial Mayor de San Juan Bautista.

© Guillaume Baviere

The Teatro Rubén Martínez Villena (Ruben Martinez Villena Theater) is another impressive building to see. It has a colonial style and is dedicated to the writer of Havana, Rubén M. Villena.

The Museo de Música Alejandro García Caturla (Alejandro García Caturla Music Museum) has two parts, one dedicated to Cuban music in general and the other to the singer-songwriter after whom the museum is named, Alejandro García Caturla. In the Galería de Arte Carlos Enríquez (Carlos Enríquez Art Gallery) you can see paintings by local authors and some travelling exhibitions.

An interesting option is the Museo de las Parrandas Remedianas (Las Parrandas Remedianas Museum), which tells the history of the most important celebrations in Remedios and displays objects like fireworks. Finally, the Museo Municipal Francisco Javier Balmaseda (Francisco Javier Balmaseda Municipal Museum) is perhaps a must visit, as it' s one of the oldest museums in all of Cuba. It is a history museum and occasionally has exhibitions or social events.

When is the best time to visit Remedios?

The Cuban climate is one of the great advantages and strengths of the Caribbean territory. This makes it great to visit at any time of the year if you are looking for a good beach weather.

However, in Remedios there are some specific dates to take into account. Las Parrandas takes place between December 16 and 25. They are a Christmas celebration that, since 2013 are considered a National Cultural Heritage. During these festivities several neighborhoods of the city compete with each other to create the best float in the parade. The 24th is the most important day, at 21:00 the church bells start a day of uninterrupted celebration.

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