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Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba

Come to Cayo Ensenachos and enjoy the natural beauty and peaceful beaches on your way through Cuba

Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba
Cayo Ensenachos

Cayo Ensenachos is located in the province of Villa Clara in Cuba, very close to Cayo Santa María. Its small size makes it the smallest of the Cayos del Norte, but one of the most beautiful of the Cuban archipelago. There you can find the best beaches in the area: Los Ensenachos and El Mégano, with small waves and spectacular waters with shades between green and blue.

It was an old aboriginal settlement and is almost preserved as a virgin cayo (key) with native species of flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy absolute tranquility, finding very few people even in the busiest times. It also has an upscale hotel facility, which gives the destination a seal of exclusivity.

The tranquil atmosphere breathed here will allow you enjoy in an absolutely idyllic setting one of the most pure keys of the island.


How can I get to Cayo Ensenachos?

To access Cayo Ensenachos there are several options. You can take the Pedraplén from the island of Cuba and it is that this road built on the Caribbean runs through the Cayerías del Norte, or Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and finally Cayo Santa María.

A less frequently used option to the Aeropuerto Cayo Las Brujas (Cayo Las Brujas Airport) or to Abel Santa María in Santa Clara and from there take the Pedraplén, to get to Cayo Ensenachos.

Before traveling you should know that if you want to go to Cayo Ensenachos from Havana, the journey is long, and you might want to make a stop along the way.

What are the best beaches in Cayo Ensenachos?

Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba
Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba
© Wilder Méndez

The crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean is accentuated in these keys and Playa Los Ensenachos is a perfect example. With 1km in length, this virgin beach offers you an unparalleled spot for diving and sunbathing. It also has a nearby restaurant, Ranchón Pelícano.

Playa Mégano is a different alternative since it has more services. Several restaurants and hotel complexes nearby give Playa Mégano a more festive atmosphere. It also has 1 km of sand and is close to a nautical center.

What activities are there in Cayo Ensenachos?

Beach in Cayo Ensenachos
Beach in Cayo Ensenachos
© Wilder Méndez

Due to its proximity to Cayo Santa María, in Cayo Ensenachos you can do most of the activities offered on the largest island.

The most popular activity is undoubtedly the Crucero del Sol (Sun Cruise) It leaves from Cayo Las Brujas and makes an impressive journey through the keys of the north of Cuba that create a kind of labyrinth of islets over the crystalline waters of the Cuban coast.

You should not miss the Delfinario de Cayo Santa María (Dolphinarium de Santa María), very close to Cayo Ensenachos due to its connection with the Pedraplén. Here you can swim with friendly dolphins and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

These keys are very close to the main island of Cuba and you should not miss the opportunity to visit San Juan de los Remedios and its tobacco factory. It's also interesting to visit Santa Clara, a revolutionary city for its history and events such as the attack on the armored train that can be visited today.

What kind of accommodations are there in Cayo Ensenachos?

As in most of Cuba's keys, there are only all-inclusive hotel resorts. This is because the keys have an exclusive status.

In the specific case of Cayo Ensenachos there is only one hotel, the Iberostar Selection Ensenachos. A luxurious 5-star resort with all kinds of services. It is also located on the beachfront.

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Northern Cay Group, Villa Clara, Cuba.

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