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Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Cayo Guillermo: Enjoy Cuba and let yourself be surprised by Playa Pilar and its spectacular seabed

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba
Cayo Guillermo
© Ralf Malzer

Cayo Guillermo is one of the most spectacular islands in Cuba that make up the Jardines del Rey archipelago, located on the northwest coast of the island, between the Bahía de Perros (Bay) and the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to the municipality of Morón, in the province Ciego de Ávila.

Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Ávila
Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Ávila
© Gianluigi Bresaola

The beautiful natural environment of this beautiful cayo was already admired by Ernest Hemingway himself, the renowned American Nobel Prize winner who used to spend his summers in Cuba, especially in these beautiful cays. Hemingway described this place in his famous novel Islands in the Stream in 1970, which made the interest in visiting Cayo Guillermo by tourists increase. This paradise will surprise you as well as fascinated Hemingway with its natural character and exemplary conservation.


What are the best beaches in Cayo Guillermo?

Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo
Playa Pilar Beach, Cayo Guillermo
© Pierre Langlois

Despite being smaller than the rest of the islets in the area, in its scarce 13 km2, Cayo Guillermo has an abundant fauna, with an incredible dune landscape that reaches 15 meters high and some of the best beaches in the Cuban archipelago that will definitely not fail to impress you.

Thus, in the magnificent Playa Pilar Beach, with its wide strip of white sand and its turquoise and crystal-clear waters, you can both relax in the middle of an idyllic environment and enjoy the opportunities it offers. It is a natural paradise like no other. Rich in biodiversity such as starfish or iguanas and especially known for its impressive white sand.

Another interesting option is Playa de El Paso, very suitable for its large number of facilities for activities such as diving. If you are looking for a total disconnection and relax in the sun, your beach is Playa del Medio. The most isolated of the three and the least crowded. Ideal for relaxing but not far from the hotel resorts.

The beaches of Cayo Guillermo, along with its neighbor Cayo Coco, are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba.

What activities can I do in Cayo Guillermo?

Snorkelling in Cayo Guillermo
Snorkelling in Cayo Guillermo
© Denis Moskvinov

If you are passionate about diving, here you will have the opportunity to behold its impressive sea beds full of coral reefs and colorful fish, a very diverse marine fauna. Furthermore, you will find several options in the hotel resorts as well as in the specialized diving center.

This key is also one of the best places in Cuba for deep-sea fishing. Some of the most popular fishing activities offer catches of barracuda and mackerel.

Its marina has a large marina and is considered one of the main ports of entry for the whole country. In Cayo Guillermo you can take several boat trips. For example, the Safari to Cayo Media Luna by Catamaran, which includes lunch and a great plan for the whole day, suitable for the whole family.

If you are a boat enthusiast, perhaps your best option is the Boat Adventure, a morning excursion in which you will be allowed to drive a motorized boat along the channel south of Cayo Guillermo.

As a whole, Cayo Guillermo is now a famous tourist destination and has excellent hotel facilities, artificial lakes, swimming pools and infinite entertainment and entertainment choices. So if you decide you want to visit the Caribbean island, you won't miss the rest you deserve, nor the time for leisure and fun, all in an incomparable natural environment.

What activities can I do in Cayo Guillermo?

To access this key from Havana, you can take a flight to Aeropuerto Internacional Jardines del Rey (International Airport), or take a private or shared transfer from the capital. It should be noted that the land transfer takes between 7 and 9 hours and the collective transfers only depart from Havana once a day, and do not pass or arrive at the airport in the capital.

What type of accommodation is available in Cayo Guillermo?

It should be noted that on this key, as with most of the keys in the area, there are only all-inclusive beach hotels, where the resorts of chains such as MeliáIberostar or Muthustand out. Other good examples are the Hotel Meliá Cayo Guillermo and the Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri. Interestingly, they are available all year round.

Another outstanding resort is the Hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo, in a perfect location and with an immense number of services. Finally, the Iberostar Selection Playa Pilar, a 5-star resort with all kinds of services.

Are there travel packages to Cayo Guillermo?

Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Guillermo
© Lee Woods

Visiting Cuba's paradisiacal keys is one of the best ways to disconnect and relax. There are those who travel only to the keys for their relaxation value. However, it is normal that the island of Cuba and Havana awaken your interest. Therefore, you should know that it is possible to book travel packages organized by expert Cuban agencies.

An attractive option would be the 8-night package which includes Havana in a hotel with breakfast included, one or two nights in Trinidad or Viñales, and lastly two or three nights in one of the Cayo Guillermo resorts. This way you combine the visit to the capital with another period of maximum relaxation. In addition, there is no need to worry about transportation, as you will have a pick-up and drop-off service to airports and hotels included.

For more information on travel packages you may request a quote and we will make a tailor-made trip to suit your expectations.

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