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Attractions in Cuba

Discover the most interesting towns and cities of Cuba, and explore their biggest attractions.

Cuba is a country full of interesting towns and destinations, some of them worldwide known, such as La Habana or Varadero, whereas other are hardly known for many, although they are equally interesting, such as Pinar del Río, Santiago de Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and an endless etc.

Find out more about the most interesting cities and attractions:

Discover the unique city of Havana, Cuba.

Old HavanaOld Havana
Discover Old Havana on your way through of Cuba.

Centro HabanaCentro Habana
Discover Centro Habana and its attractions while travelling through Havana.

Morro-Cabaña Military-Historical SiteMorro-Cabaña Military-Historical Site
Discover the Morro-Cabaña Military-Historical Site in Havana, Cuba.

Villa ClaraVilla Clara
Visit this province full of nightlife, history about the revolution and wonderful places to relax.

Santa ClaraSanta Clara
Discover this city known as “Liberal City”, full of historical spots and young atmosphere.

Discover the Province of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Santa Isabel de Las LajasSanta Isabel de Las Lajas
Why not going on an interesting trip to Santa Isabel de las Lajas, the birthplace of Benny Moré?

Sancti SpíritusSancti Spíritus
Visit the true paradise of Sancti Spíritus and enjoy its culture, nature and its important and recognized places.

Be surprised by Trinidad, the most beautiful city in Cuba, on your way through Sancti Spíritus.

Pinar del RíoPinar del Río
Visit Pinar del Río, known as the tobacco capital of Cuba and be surprised by the numerous protected landscapes.

Discover how it is and what to see in the picturesque city of Viñales on your way through the West of Cuba.

Let Matanzas transform you while you visit every single part of this magic area of Cuba.

Stroll in the streets of the historical French quarter of Matanzas, today People’s Council, and cross the river over the Yumurí River.

Enjoy one of the most idyllic places in Cuba, with its glamorous hotels and amazing beaches.

Do not miss the chance of visiting Cárdenas, a perfect example of a colonial city.

Santiago de CubaSantiago de Cuba
Discover the historical city of Santiago de Cuba and walk through its legendary strrets with its wonderful people.

Visit the coastal town of Siboney, located around 19 Km to the east of Santiago de Cuba, near Baconao Park.

El CobreEl Cobre
Visit the town of El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba, and be witness of the blend between the religious culture and old Cuban slaves.

Chivirico and its VicinityChivirico and its Vicinity
Visit a typical Cuban town and enjoy the mountain and the beach during the same trip, next to Santiago de Cuba.

Visit the province of Camagüey, a place hiding both tropical beaches and sheltered history in the magic corners of the town.

Discover Florida, a little municipality rich in traditions in your journey through the province of Camagüey.

Discover the industrial town of Nuevitas, located north of the province of Camagüey, in your stay in Cuba.

Discover the art of fishing in the historical sugar town of Brazil, north of Camagüey, in your journey through Cuba.

Learn more and explore the region of Artemisa, Cuba.

San Antonio de los BañosSan Antonio de los Baños
Discover the municipality of San Antonio de Baños, in Artemisa, Cuba.

Visit the town of Soroa in Artemisa Region, Cuba.

Las TerrazasLas Terrazas
Discover and enjoy Las terrazas, in Sierra del Rosario, Artemisa, Cuba.

Isla de la Juventud IslandIsla de la Juventud Island
Discover the unparalleled charm of the beautiful landscapes in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

Nueva GeronaNueva Gerona
Find your perfect destination in Nueva Gerona, capital of Isla de la Juventud, if what you want is a quiet but lively place.

Visit the province of Holguín and enjoy the most imposing natural landscapes of the Cuban West and some of the beaches with incredible seabeds.

Explore the gorgeous city of Gibara and discover the fascinating history of its foundation.

Explore one of the most beautiful areas and enjoy incredible beaches and landscapes created by the same nature.

Visit Banes and discover the reason why it is known as the archaeological capital of Cuba.

Visit the famous province of Guantánamo and enjoy nature in its purest form in the East of Cuba.

Explore the beautiful colonial city of Baracoa, discover its beautiful enclosures and admire its historic fortress.

Be surprised by Granma, cradle of the Revolution, and learn all the secrets which surround it.

Discover deeply the history which made Bayamo becoming a legend and enjoy the street dances the city offers every Saturday.

Discover the true Cuban sound in the nights of Manzanillo, Cuba.

Ciego de ÁvilaCiego de Ávila
Start your visit to Ciego de Ávila by discovering the culture of its villages and finish it on one of its idyllic beaches.

Discover Morón, an informal Cuban municipality offering a great variety of things to do.

Las TunasLas Tunas
Visit Las Tunas and dive into the history, culture and paradises of the “Orient Balcony”.

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