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Pinar del Río, Cuba

Visit Pinar del Río, known as the tobacco capital of Cuba and be surprised by the numerous protected landscapes.

Pinar del Río, Cuba
Pinar del Río
© Genchi71

Pinar del Río is the province with the highest number of protected areas in Cuba, since it counts with two places declared as Biosphere Reservation by the Unesco, the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and part of the Sierra del Rosario Range; a place declared World Heritage by the Unesco, the Viñales Valley and several natural areas full of fauna and flora excellently preserved.

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Calle Real, Pinar del Río
Calle Real
© Rafael Ferro

Furthermore, it is also one of the best places in the world to raise tobacco, therefore it has a typical landscape with fertile red crops, plowed by oxen and tobacco dryhouses usually invigilated by guajiros; and as it would be expected it counts with its own tobacco factory (opened for visitors).

The most idyllic beaches of this province are found in Jutías Cay and Levisa Cay, while in the Playa María la Gorda Beach, located in the West end of the island, there are more than fifty diving points.

Palacio Guash, Pinar del Río
Palacio Guash
© Rafael Ferro

An excellent time to visit Pinar del Ría is between the months of May and August, since it is when is possible to sight unique animals such as the Guanahacabibes Turtles; while in the months from October to March are the best ones for the ornithology. Although, if you wish to enjoy a few beach days, the best weather is between December and May. If possible, try to avoid the months between august and the beginning of October, since this region is famous for strong hurricanes during this time.

Regarding the city, we can stand out its artistic city and the overabundance of colonial buildings which includes two fascinating museums, the Sandalio de Noda Natural Sciences Museum  and the History Provincial Museum; and a fantastic recently renovated theater, the José Jacinto Milanés Theater.

It is worth visiting the city at the beginning of July, since it is when the carnival, with colorful carriages parades, is celebrated.

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