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Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park, Cuba

Go inside the spots of the Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park and discover the places from which Fidel Castro organized his anti imperialist fight.

Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park, Cuba
Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park
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Sierra Maestra Range is the largest and most important mountainous area of Cuba, this last due to two fundamental aspects: its spectacular landscape value, sheer, lush and misty, and because it was the refuge and encounter area for different outstanding individuals of the revolution.


The mountain range of Sierra Maestra Range where it is located the park, 40 km Southern from the Yata River, extending through three different provinces: Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

In the Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park is located the Turquino Pike, the highest of the country.

All the area is a natural paradise, full of contrasts. You can find on its orography a great landscape and climate variety which has given rise to an exceptional settlement due to its beauty and its incredible ecological conditions, which host plenty of endemic fauna and flora species. Due to its incalculable natural value,  in addition to historical, it currently is a very appreciated area by the Cuban people.

As a consequence of its geographical aptitude, Sierra Maestra Range was a key point for the gestation of some revolutionary strategies and the planning of assaults, in addition to be the place where there were inspired the first laws that Fidel Castro promulgated once the revolution triumphed.

The current Sierra Maestra Range National Park hosted revolutionary generations for 100 years; on it were hidden from the first independence rebels to the guerrilla who prepared their fight against the US imperialism and settled in the area their headquarters and their base of operations.

Due to this fact, the park was inevitable linked to the Cuban history and politics and its social consequences. The events that took place on it, the plans made, the rebels it protected, turned it into a mute witness in the fight to death of the Cuban people to keep their identity and to take the reins of their own destiny.

Due to the abusive use of the raw materials treasured in the Sierra Maestra Range Great National Park, this has been considerably decimated, then it has been necessary to take action and declared Protected Rural Area this green museum, scenario of so many important events for the history of Cuba.

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Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, Granma, Cuba.

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