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Alegría del Pío, Niquero

Visit  Alegría del Pío and discover those places the rebels went over looking for freedom.

Alegría del Pío, Niquero
Alegría del Pío
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Alegría del Pío belongs to the municipality of Niquero and was founded during the second half of the 19th century.

They have found some archeological findings that show there were aboriginals in the area, which can be interesting for anthropology lovers.

Trail El Samuel
Trail El Samuel
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During Colonial times, its economy was based on the sugar industry, where peasants and slaves used to work, and on wood supply, this one abounding in the vicinity of the place.

Despite this, the reason why locals and foreigners visit Alegría del Pío, is because it was the scene where the rebel army was defeated by the one of Batista, being the group able to run away without splitting. In spite of this, this event seems to have been set in stone on the memory of Cubans, who try to preserve the event, specially the inhabitants of Alegría del Pío, as a large amount of them participated in the war of Cuban liberation.  

They have established several routes to the commemorative monument, erected in 2009 in the exact position where the struggle took place.  

The first one of the trails is the Morlotte-Fustete, with 2 kilometers of fast and interesting route. You’ll cross wonderful marine terraces, discover the Fustete Cave  and appreciate the remains of aboriginal paintings hidden between stalactites and stalagmites. You’ll pass by the Hoyo de Morlotte, where you’ll probably tremble if you put yourself out and check its depth.

The alternative is another trail, half kilometer shorter, known as El Samuel. It passes by the Espelunca Cave,  place of worship for Pre-Columbian indigenous.

From Playa de Las Coloradas Beach are regularly made trips to Alegría del Pío, a 30 kilometers tour will show you the exact way the rebel group took, full of obstacles, until where tool place the brush against the army of Batista.

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Alegría del Pío, Niquero, Granma.

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