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Niquero, Cuba

Visit this incredible lively town, full of culture and history, on your holidays in the area of  Granma, Cuba.

Niquero, Cuba

Located in the coast of the province of Granma, Niquero is a city relevant because of its history and nature, as well as due to the archeological findings in the area and its relevance during the Revolution.

Guafe Interpretation Archeological Trail
Guafe Interpretation Archeological Trail
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Diosa Atabeira Cave
Diosa Atabeira Cave
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The roads have improved in the last decades and nowadays the area is well communicated, mostly if we bear in mind that in the past its access was only via the sea. The trails were so bad preserved that the inhabitants only moved by horse.

There, you’ll find numerous spots of interest related both to the present and ancient history of the place. Visit the Desembarco del Granma National MonumentAlegría de Pío and the Obelisk erected to honor the Mambí (Cuban fighters) collapsed on October 15th 1897.

Moreover, you can visit the renowned Niquero Carnival, being celebrated since 1950, and developed with a parade with numerous carriages accompanying coloring troupes, with lively music during all the night, and the presence of  orchestras from all the parts of the country.  During this celebration, several parts of the city get ready for the sales of food, drinks and toys, so it is a good spot to taste the typical regional cuisine. The Niquero Carnival is a cheerful way to discover more about the inhabitants of the city, joining them on their traditions and recreational activities.

Even though if you don’t visit it in Carnival, you’ll find a city with a lively nightlife concentrated on its night clubs, restaurant, cinema and it the street itself.

Cultura has been developed in a relevant way in the town, where you’ll find a library, the house of culture with several cultural activities and a museum. The visit to the Casa del Farero en Cabo Cruz, declared Municipal Monument, is a nice stroll.

In Niquero is located an important Chess Academy to which relevant chess players like Carlos Figueredo Pérez, Deisis Rodríguez Rosell and Sandra Rodríguez Rosell among others have belonged. It opened its current headquarters in 2005, where frequently national tournaments take place.

Visit the place where many youngsters from the area, as well as the rebel army, had their baptisms of fire in the Alegría de Pío Battle. Among other interesting places are the Che Cave, the Monte Macagual Hill, Pozo Empalao Well and Mouth of the Toro River, sports where the Cuban revolutionaries are remembered.

Moreover, close to there is the village of Los Cayuelos and Playa Las Coloradas Beach, really important places for the Revolution that each 2nd of December celebrate the disembark of 1956.

For nature lovers, the area is rich in flora and fauna, and you’ll be able to observe more than 500 different species of plants, among which are 12 local ones. You can also be amazed by the lush and vibrant nature in the south of Cuba by practicing hiking or other ecotourism activities in the Desembarco del Granma National Park and the vicinity of Cabo Cruz Lagoon.

Contemplate the incredible Terraza Marina and enjoy the incredible views of this natural wonder, or follow the Guafe Interpretation Archeological Trail and contemplate the incredible remains of the indigenous culture of the island.

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