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Demajagua Historical Museum, Manzanillo

Be amazed by the past hidden in the Demajagua Historical Museum.

Demajagua Historical Museum, Manzanillo
Demajagua Historical Museum

The Demajagua Museum is a humble construction whose walls host symbols of a crucial moment in Cuban history. Despite its shaky looking, it has a really important historic value.

Its access is easy, you must follow the road leaving from Manzanillo towards Media Luna for 10 kilometers, then turn and go on for another 3 kilometers to the coast.

In the former sugar plantation of La Demajagua took place a relevant event that was set to change the course of history: on October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes rang the bell calling his slaves, and freed them. This was the beginning of the long road that would lead to the liberation of Cuba after the wars of independence.

In 1947 Fidel Castro took control of the renowned bell, considered today a revolutionary symbol, and moved with it to Havana as a protest against the oppression the nation felt from the Government.  

Nowadays, a small museum gathers memories from that decisive time. The construction is also a witness of those years, being a part of it in the style of the constructions of the Cuban Revolution.  

The collection of testimonial objects housed in the museum preserve the memory of the war and previous moments to it: shackles and chains to fasten slaves, pottery found when they started the construction works, the guns from the first mambí army and the main symbol of the Independence War, the bell of La Demajagua.

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La Demajagua,municipio de Yara, Granma,Cuba.

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Mondays through Fridays from 8:00am to 6:00pm

Sundays from 8:00am to 12:00pm

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