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Pilón, Cuba

Discover the town of Pilón and its relevant vicinity for the history of the island from Pre-Columbian times until nowadays.

Pilón, Cuba
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Historically, Pilón has had lots of attractions for visitors since times when ancient aboriginals landed in the island from Venezuela in the 9th century. Araucanian indigenous whoo arrived to the area blended their own culture with the one of the natives to the place, creating new ways of pottery, hunting, fishing and agriculture.

There have been found archeological remains in the main settlements of Punta de Hicacos, Nuevo Mundo and Ojo de Toro. Pilón has also been a relevant geographic spot in the different conflicts taking place in the Cuban island, such as the 1995 War or the 26th July Movement.  

The current economy of the island is mainly based in agriculture and cattle breeding, but in the last decades it has slightly been developed for the tourism that looks for its kilometric idyllic beaches with turquoise waters and the wonderful panoramic view that can be contemplated in the different trips in Sierra Maestra. The fisheries sector is also quite relevant in the town, competing with the coffee plantations and sugar caning.

Nature lovers will be able to contemplate lots of autochthonous, such as Tropical birds like the  Cuban parrot or Cuban amazon, Cuban blackbird, Cuban grassquit, Fernandina’s flicker or even Cuban today, as well as many reptiles. Don’t miss the chance to see the endemic snails of the area, known as polimitas.

Discover the flashy mix of races in the area originated with the arrival to the island of Spanish, Jamaicans, Haitians, and even Canadian Masons. This has provided the people with a series of beliefs mixed in a syncretic religion marked by Catholicism, Methodism, Spiritism and Santería (a religion of African origin). Rumba and Casino are the most renowned kinds of music in traditional culture, but there is a large number of musics heard in the place, such as son, vallenato, guaracha and Mexican music.

You’ll find a delicious cuisine rich in local products in the restaurants of the area, . Don’t miss the chance to see the traditional cock fightings, corridas de cintas, dominoes, dances, and many popular games, being baseball the most famous sport.

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