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Bayamo, Cuba

Discover deeply the history which made Bayamo becoming a legend and enjoy the street dances the city offers every Saturday.

Bayamo, Cuba
© Werner Geige

Bayamo is the little capital of Granma, a nice city which preserve mostly intact the traditions of the Cuban people, but not its rich Colonial architecture, which perished in a fire which made it famous.

Bayamo, Granma
Bayamo, Granma
© Eric Alarie
Perucho Figueredo Monument, Bayamo
Perucho Figueredo Monument
© Eric Alarie

Founded by Spanish settlers in 1513, this is one of the oldest cities in Cuba.

After a tiny opposition by the Taínos, who succumbed to the diseases unknown until that moment in the island which arrived with their conquerors, Bayamo became the symbol of Colonial splendour in the 16th century.

In addition to the profits get from the cultivation of the sugar cane, the commerce with pirates increased even more if possible the wealths of the city giving as a result the access to the sons of the people from Báyamo the most exquisite education.

Bayamo has given excellent chess players, among the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, a lawyer who became a hero when he commanded in 1868 an army to free the city of the Spanish oppression.

His attempt was not a successful one and, to avoid again  the occupation, Bayamo sacrificed itself by setting on fire and making almost disappearing any remain of Spanish presence in the city.

Although it is almost nothing preserved of its old Colonial mansions, the fire did not made disappeared its rooted Cuban trait, which you can witness if you tour on a Saturday at night by the streets of the city, where it is celebrated every weekend the Cubanía Party.


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