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Playa Las Coloradas, Cuba

Visit the famous Playa Las Coloradas and discover the relevance of the place for the Disembark of the Granma in Cuba.

Playa Las Coloradas, Cuba
Playa Las Coloradas

Located in the southeast coast of Cuba, the Playa Las Coloradas is a special place marked by both nature and history. Located in the province of Niquero, this was the chosen beach for the Disembark of the Granma in 1956.

The Portada de la Libertad is a monument erected in the spot where December 2nd  disembarked the rebels to start the armed struggle. There, can be seen a real scale replica of the Granma Yacht where they sailed to this beautiful beach.

As the beach is inside the Desembarco del Granma National Park, it is surrounded by lush vegetation, being a great part of it Red Mangrove. Due to the coloring of the lagoons and presence of this tree, this beach is known as Las Coloradas (The Red-colored).

There is a spa formed by 27 huts, computers room, restaurant and a list of to-do activities you’ll be able to choose while in there, and where you’ll enjoy of the warm and crystalline Tropical waters of this Caribbean beach.

Next to there, you’ll be able to contemplate the gorgeous cliffs part of the national park, and the Guafe Archeological Trail, famous for its ceremonial and funerary caves.

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18 Km al sur de Niquero, Granma. Cuba.

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