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Coat of Arms of Cuba

Discover the meaning of the Coat of Arms of Cuba. 

Coat of Arms of Cuba

El escudo de Cuba original, también conocido como escudo de La Palma Real, fue creado The original coat of arms, also known as coat of arms of the Royal Palm, was created in 1849. The current version is slightly different, since some elements were suppressed since its meaning could have been associated with ideologies contrary to the ones of the period.

The specifications of the current coat of arms were given by the first President of Cuba in 1906. Nowadays, as ordered by the law, the coat of arms is a the symbol of the nation, and is formed by two arches of equal circles that cut each other, and three quarters: the superior one shows the sea with a cape on each side, representing the capes of Sable (Florida) and Catoche (Yucatan), and an ancient key in the centre, representing the closure of the Gulf of Mexico.

All this symbolizes the strategic importance of Cuba both geographically and politically. In the background, you can see a rising sun spreading its rays along the landscape. The inferior part is halved, to represent the two areas in which the island was once divided, and shows five stripes of equal width alternating blue and white colors with a positive slope. The other side exhibits a landscape with a palm tree in the centre, with its leaves on the top, representing youth and fertility.

The coat of arms is sustained by a bundle of sticks, tied with a red rope crossed forming a equis, symbolizing the union of all Cubans. The crown of the coat of arms is covered by a red Phrygian cap, with a white star of five points in the centre, turned to the right. On both sides of the coat, you can find a stick of lauren and other of holm oak.

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