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Customs in Cuba

How do customs work in Cuba?

Customs in Cuba

Cuban customs has, among other goals, to protect Cuban people, industry, and environment; as well as the detection and fight of drug trafficking, terrorism, and smuggling. Therefore, diverse controls are applied to peoples and goods entering and leaving Cuba. 

You will find Customs Officials in any main arrival and departure spot in Cuba, being it an airport, port, or marina. It is advised to carefully review any legislation that may apply to you before entering Cuba.

Information from Customs office of Cuba:

Phones:(00+53)881-9732 o (00+53)881-9732 855-5466 extension 227

What documents may I be asked to produce by Cuban customs?

In Customs you will be asked to show the following documents:

Health Insurance guarantee.
National ID
Passport with at least six months of validity.
Visa or tourist card expended less sixty days before the trip.
Return ticket.
A real accommodation location.

What goods are allowed into Cuba?

In Customs it is allowed to enter with personal goods (including photographic material, binoculars, musical instruments, laptops, camping tents, fishing rods, bikes, and sports equipment), as well as gifts under 50 CUC.

The rest could be subject to customs duty, which could reach a maximum of 1000CUC.

What items are forbidden by customs in Cuba?

Some articles that cannot be introduced in Cuba are: drugs and narcotics, explosive material, any kind of pornography, light-motor vehicles, endangered animal species, publications that could be deemed to be a threat to the general safety of the population.

How do I fill a Customs Declaration form?

Whenever you are carrying items you plan on definitely import to Cuba, you should fill a customs Declaration form for travellers. It is important to know that cash can be freely brought into Cuba, and only if the amount is superior to 5,000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies, should you fill a Customs Declaration form.

What restrictions are there to leaving Cuba with items and goods?

You are allowed to export:

A box of up to 50 cigars (or 23 individual ones) free of duty.
5000 USD in cash (or a similar amount in any other currency).
200 CUC.
Up to three liquor bottles.
Up to 200 cigarettes.

Exporting art or items linked to Cuba’s cultural heritage without legal documents is restricted and subject to particular duties. Usually, when art is sold, it carries an official seal. It is advised to pay attention to this fact before buying. If the store does not offer the stamp, you will be forced to obtain it from the “Registro Nacional de Bienes Culturales” (National Registry of Cultural Goods) in “calle 17 nº 1009, Vedado La Havana” (Opening Hours from 9:00 to 12:00 on weekdays). The cost of the stamp ranges between 10 and 30 CUC and covers up to three artworks. It is usual that you have to wait up to 24 hours before filling in the form and picking up the stamp.

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