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Calling to and from Cuba, and internet access.

How to call to and from Cuba?

To call to Cuba from abroad, you should dial the international code 00, followed by the country code of Cuba (53), followed by the prefix, and the phone number.

For example, should you want to contact the US embassy in La Havana, you would dial: 00+53+783 14 100

How can I call from Cuba?

Calling from Cuba is easy, both for local and international calls.

Public phones allow to perform direct local calls that can be paid in CUC or through phone cards, for sale in many hotels, stores, and offices of ETECSA, even in some phone booths. You can call internationally from hotels.

Can I use my phone in Cuba?

There are roaming agreements for most international phone companies. If your phone uses GSM with a 900 Mhz (European standard) or TDMA with 800 Mhz (American standard), you should have no issue in using your phone in Cuba. It is possible that are you are required to activate your phone with the local provider.

You can also rent a mobile phone in Cuba.

Useful Numbers:

Emergency: 106.
Phone Information: 113.
Police: 106.
Fire Department: 105.

Local Prefixes for calls in Cuba:

Ancón: 419
Baconao: 223
Baracoa: 21
Cabarién: 42
Camagüey (city): 322
Cayo Coco y Cayo Guillermo: 33
Cayo Largo del Sur: 45
Ciego de Ávila (city): 33
Cienfuegos (city): 432
Florida: 32
Granma: 23
Holguín: 24
La Havana: 7
Ciudad de Las Tunas: 31
Ciudad de Matanzas (city): 52
Morón: 335
Pinar del Río (city): 82
Playa Covarrubias: 31
Playa Girón y Playa Larga: 59
Playa Santa Lucía: 32
Remedios: 42
Sancti Spíritus: 41
Santa Clara (city): 422
Santiago de Cuba (city): 226
Santiago de Cuba (city): 22
Topes de Collantes: 42
Trinidad: 419
Valle de Viñales: 8
Varadero: 45

Where can I access internet?

You can access internet in most hotels in Cuba. Outside them, internet is limited. The easiest way is to use one of the telepuntos you will find distributed all over the country, specially in the most important cities of each region. The average price for a Telepunto is 6 CUC per hour, and you can get them through a card that contains a user ID and temporary password. Those cards are valid for any Telepunto, so you are not required to use up a whole hour every time. Wi-Fi connection is almost inexistent in Cuba (except in the best hotels). Most connections are wired.

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