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Healthcare in Cuba

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Healthcare in Cuba

Cuba features a healthcare service for foreigners called “Servimed.” This system is totally independent from the free service used by Cubans. There are more than 40 health centers in the Servimed network, offering general practitioners and specialists, as well as high-tech services in Cuba. 

If you stay in a hotel and need medical attention, the most common way is to ask for a doctor through the front desk or manager. Servimed centers welcome walk-in visits. Cuban hospitals offer free emergency care for foreigners that can be used as last resource.

Pharmacies for Foreigners in Cuba:

In Cuba, there are pharmacies for foreigners by Servimed. It is important to mention that Cuban pharmacies lack of many medicines. Should you require periodic medicines, it would be wise to take them with you.

Servimed phone: (00+53) 7 24 01 41

Health Insurance:

All foreigner visiting Cuba are required to have a health insurance. You should carry the policy with you, since you will be asked to show it during Customs. Should you arrive lacking a policy, you will be required to contract one with the government company Asistur.

If during you trip in Cuba you need to visit a hospital, you should call Asistur (00+53 7-866-4499 or 00+537-866-8427 for emergencies). They will help you manage your health insurance and care. Asistur features several regional offices in the main cities of Cuba.

Average treatment in the international medical centers in Cuba has a reasonable price, although emergency care and long-stay tend to be expensive. It is essential to know that the free healthcare network used by Cubans can be used by foreigners only as last a extreme option.

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