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Currency in Cuba

Discover the official currency in Cuba and the alternate payment methods accepted.

Currency in Cuba, Pesos Cubanos Convertibles

Cuba features a double economy. The official currencies are the Pesos Cubanos (CUP) and the Pesos Cubanos Convertibles (CUC). In theory, tourists can only get CUC (convertible pesos), but - in real life - nothing stops a tourist from entering a Cadeca (currency exchange office) and turning CUC into CUP with a change of 25 Pesos Cubanos for each Convertible one. 

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The current value of a CUC is US$1.

It is important to note that change of US dollars into CUC is subject to a 10% tax, whereas changing other currencies such as euros, pounds, or Canadian dollars is tax free.

Are credit cards accepted in Cuba?

Despite Cuban economy relying mainly on cash, credit and debit cards are accepted and can be used in resorts and ATM. The most usual ones are Visa and Mastercard.

¿Qué otros métodos de pago son aceptados?

Travel Money issued by Visa, Thomas Cook, and American Express are accepted, although they are highly cumbersome. Note that you have to pay a commision both when buying and selling them, and not all banks and hotel accept them. The most safe of these are Thomas Cook ones.

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