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Cayo Blanco, Cuba

Enjoy the heavenly virgin beaches of Cayo Blanco, Cuba and spend an unforgettable day in this unique natural setting

Cayo Blanco, Cuba
Cayo Blanco
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Cayo Blanco (Blanco Cay) is an islet located near Varadero, on the northern coast of Cuba, it is named for the fine white sand of its virtually untouched beaches. This small uninhabited island and its coral reefs offer an beautiful environment for diving.

Not only does the coral reef stand out, but the Cayo Blanco is surrounded by mangroves. These are the habitat of numerous species of fauna, such as numerous birds, the Cuban iguana and the strange black coral, which is at risk of extinction.

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What are the Best Activities to do in Cayo Blanco, Cuba?

Cayo Blanco
Cayo Blanco
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Cayo Blanco is ideal if you enjoy diving and snorkeling. You will be able to observe unique species such as black coral, which is in danger of extinction. In addition, you can rent jet skis to see the island from a different perspective and get an even closer look at the mangroves. All this in a untouched area, which has not been changed by humans, creating a 100% exotic and tropical atmosphere.

The island has a ranchon type restaurant, where you can taste typical Cuban snacks and drinks. Also, there is a small craft stall where you can buy some unique pieces.

Excursions to Cayo Blanco, Cuba

To get to Cayo Blanco from Varadero you can enjoy a pleasant catamaran trip through the crystal clear waters of the tropical Atlantic. Halfway through the tour, there is a stop to snorkel and enjoy the coral reef.

During the excursion you will enjoy an open bar, entertainment with many games and music. In short, it will be an unforgettable day in a spectacular natural setting.

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