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Boca de Guamá, Cuba

Visit the Boca de Guamá and discover all it has to offer during your vacation to the South of Matanzas, Cuba

Boca de Guamá, Cuba
Boca de Guamá
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Boca de Guamá is a touristic attraction located halfway between Jagüey Grande and Cochinos Bay, Cuba. The name comes from the Taíno chief Guanamá, and is made up of several stages where you can perform various activities. Among others, you can visit Guanamá Village, the Laguna del Tesoro Lagoon, the crocodile breeding farm or the marketplace where you can taste the local cuisine.


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The main attraction is the boat trip across the channels throughout the mangroves and across the Laguna del Tesoro Lagoon, towards the recreation of a Taíno village, visited by around 100,000 travellers each year. There is a series of 25 life-size sculptures of Taíno Indians in the act of hunting, fishing and other tasks which show us the indigenous way of life on a trip through the area’s history, made by Rita Longa.

It is rather fascinating to cross the ensemble of a series of cabins which are still linked by platforms and which take you to the touristic center where the restaurants are located.
The crocodiles farm is one of the most interesting attractions to see on your trip as you can see more than 4,000 samples of all ages, grouped according to age and size for a better quality of life.

Once the trip is finished, a wide array of restaurants, snack-bars and gift shops will complete your adventure, accompanied by the most popular music in the island.

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18 km from Autopista Nacional, exit at km 142, towards Bahía de Cochinos. Cuba

Opening Hours:

Everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ticket Price:

Guided visit 5 CUC.

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