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Canímar River, Cuba

Take a boat tour across the waters of the Canímar river and let its mysterious fog surround you with its magic

Canímar River, Cuba
Canímar River
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Regarding its volume of flow and length, the Canímar River is the province of Matanzas’ main river, in Cuba. It is 8 km from the capital city and you can sail across 12 of its 19 kilometers by boat.


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You’ll be amazed by the great natural show of its river valley which emerges from both sides of the river. With its lush green Caribbean vegetation, it is possible to go birdwatching for birds of almost every type; around 77 species frequently glide throughout the area, 50 of which normally live there. The elegant Great White and Blue Heron, the mysterious owl, and the tocororo, the national bird of Cuba, are but to name a few examples.

The mild Caribbean climate, the lush vegetation with nutritious foods, and the variety of birds and fish made this river valley the ideal place to settle down for some indigenous groups in the island form the Paleolithic period. Its most important legacy was found in its caves used as cemeteries, where human remains from over 7,000 years ago were found.

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Parque Turístico Río Canimar, Matanzas, Cuba.

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A guided tour arranged by Cubamar including diving, fishing, horse riding, and lunch is approximately 25 CUC. If you want to thae the trip on your own, the Bar Cubamar rents small boats for 2 CUC per hour.

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