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Playa Girón, Cuba

Visit the Playa Girón Beach and take a walk along the sands where one of the most famous battles of Cuba

Playa Girón, Cuba
Playa Girón
© Armando Moreschi

Playa Girón Beach is barely distinguishable from other tiny beaches in Cuba, it has the same coral sand, and turquoise waters which cover the wonderful reefs. But what it makes this one special is its having borne witness throughout the years to how the Cuban people has been prey to different attacks which it fought back until defeated.


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The first attack took place at the beginning of the 17th century by a group of pirates, commanded by Drake and his partner. The final result was the beheading of the latter by the residents as a reprisal for trying to assault the beach. From this fact, the Cubans decide to keep alive the memory by christening the beach with the name of the pirate, Girón.

Of greater consequence was the attack which took place on the 17th April 1961 and perpetrated by American troops supported by the CIA, and which the Cubans drove back after three days of fighting, having decided to defend their island.

This event became part of the annals of history of the Cuban Revolution, which gained admiration from many people in other places in the country due to the considerable difference regarding the number of fighters and quality of arms. The boastful messages hung around the beach’s vicinity reveal the great pride the people feel for that past still celebrated in the present.

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Playa Girón, Matanzas, Cuba.

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