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Zapata Peninsula, Cuba

Visit the Zapata Peninsula and admire the natural wonders you will not find anywhere else in the world

Zapata Peninsula, Cuba
Zapata Peninsula

The Península de Zapata (Zapata Peninsula) is an exotic marshy area of almost 5,000 km² that covers the whole south of Matanzas, considered one of the most interesting wine presses in Cuba due to the great variety of fauna and flora found there.

75% of the peninsula is a large swampy area and the best preserved of the Caribbean islands due to its low population.

Due to the humidity of the area and the soil, many animal species, among them the American crocodile, have made their home here, just as the insects have. The presence of small mosquitos that transmits malaria, are the reason that the area is practically uninhabited and the natural spaces remain untouched.

After the Revolution it was decided to convert the area into a farming area, however, it soon became part of a large nature reserve.

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What are the Best Plans to Make in Península de Zapata

The peninsula has many attractions, it is ideal for bird watching and seeing other animal species. It is also ideal for scuba diving since the caves of the peninsula contain salt water deep enough to house exotic fish and corals.

Numerous legends still resonate on the Península de Zapata, from a battle between Tainos and settlers to pirate attacks. The American attack that took place in 1961 is still alive in his memory. Faded posters try to prevent the Cuban triumph from falling into oblivion.

How to get to  la Península de Zapata, Cuba?

The best way to visit Peninsula de Zapata is with an organized tour from Havana or from Varadero, since access can be a bit complicated. If you go by private car you will have to take the same road that goes to Playa Larga and Bahía Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)

Where to Stay in Península de Zapata?

As it is a protected natural reserve in Cuba, there are not many accommodation options. However, in the nearby Playa Larga and Playa Girón you will find some accommodation. Another option is to stay in the nearby town of Jagüey Grande.

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Península de Zapata, Matanzas, Cuba.

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