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What to see in Las Tunas

Discover which are the most fascinating places hidden by Las Tunas and why it is worth visiting this Cuban province.

Las Tunas hide in each of its streets and tours a rich cultural bottom which counts the story of a whole province, in combination of idyllic virgin beaches with crystalline waters and white sand.

For this, some of its most fascinating places you can visit in the capital are:

Puerto PadrePuerto Padre
The most beautiful port city of Las Tunas opens its gates so you enjoy its history and its idyllic beaches.

El CornitoEl Cornito
Visita el conocido motel El Cornito, antiguo solar del poeta Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo (el Cucalambé).

Mártires de Barbados Memorial MuseumMártires de Barbados Memorial Museum
Visit the house-museum of the olympic fencer Caros Leyva in memory of the Barbados victims.

Major General Vicente García Provincial MuseumMajor General Vicente García Provincial Museum
Do not miss the flashy Azul Museum declared National Monument of Cuba.

Monte Cabaniguán HillMonte Cabaniguán Hill
Do not miss the greatest nest of American crocodiles in the world and spend a different day in the beautiful Natural Reservation of Jobabo, Las Tunas.

La Loma Fort or the Salcedo CastleLa Loma Fort or the Salcedo Castle
Do not miss one of the most important monuments in the military history of Puerto Padre.

Plaza Martiana SquarePlaza Martiana Square
Have a walk by the square dedicated to the National Hero José Martí and enjoy a unique work where art, history and astronomy are mixed.

Plaza de la Revolución de Las Tunas SquarePlaza de la Revolución de Las Tunas Square
Have a walk by the huge square dedicated to the Major General Vicente García and visit the Brígida Zaldívar Park, in honour of his wife.

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