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Cucalambeana Days, Las Tunas

Get inside the Cucalambeana Day, one of the most important annual events in the most folkloric Cuban culture, in Las Tunas.

Cucalambeana Days, Las Tunas
Cucalambeana Days
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The Cucalambeana Day is one of the most important annual events for the Cuban culture, being always celebrated by the end of June or the beginning of July. It was organized for the first time in Las Tunas in the middle of the 60s of the 20th century and, since then, has been extended and internationalized to other countries with the target of create closer cultural ties. Althos this event was born to honor the most outstanding poet and repentista of 19th century Cuba, Juan Cristóbal Nápoles y Fajardo, also known as El Cucalambé; each year is dedicated to relevant personalities of the Cuban culture.

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The tourist who has the chance to go to these days can enjoy a party focused on the recognition and preservation of the most traditional cultural exhibitions of the Cuban culture, through different activities among which stand out the pick of the Flor de Birama, a contest where different young ladies participate to represent the physical and spiritual beauty of the woman; the farmers tunes or the written and sight-reading ten-line stanzas, among many other performances.

The Cucalambeana Day is a great opportunity for visitors to meet and discover the most rooted cultural traditions of Cuba, its dances, music, artistic manifestations, the most traditional dishes of its cuisine, etc; at the same time they discover the summary of the history of the province.

On its international projection, this Cuban Farmers Festivity enjoys the participation of different countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Mexico or Puerto Rico, with the purpose of creating closer cultural ties.

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