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La Loma Fort (Salcedo Castle), Puerto Padre

Explore La Loma Fort and discover one of the most important monuments in the province of Las Tunas, Cuba.

La Loma Fort, Puerto Padre
La Loma Fort
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La Loma Fort or the Salcedo Castle present an uncommon architecture in Latin America which constitutes, at the same time, one of the most important historical monuments in Puerto Padre and the whole province of Las Tunas.

The building acquired an important role since the beginnings of the Independence War in 1868. it is also known as the Salcedo Castle, its edification dates from the end of the 19th century, being raised by Spanish engineers in two stages. In 1869 it was raised with the target of defending the city by the sea; the castle was surrounded by ditch above which was set up a drawbridge. On the inside it was built a great cistern and a headquarter with capacity for 100 soldiers. On the second stage, in 1874-1875, it was modified to defend the city by land, adding this way the turrets and the tambourine. It was decided to surround the whole town with a wooden fence finished in a sharp point, linked by different turrets collocated at some distance from one another.

The fort was raised in a strategic place, where its height allowed to look after the bay and the whole Northern population, while the South was custody by the nearby crops and fields.

In 1876, after the storming of Las Tunas, the Major General Vicente García planned the attack to the Fort. in February 1877, the Fort surrendered to the Cuban forces. After the end of the war, the fortress was abandoned until 1895, when the Spaniards began their reconstruction due to the new war uprising. Three years later, in the surrender moment of the Spanish army, he decided to burn it down with the aim that it could not be used by the Cubans. Almost a century later, the 4th November 1981, La Loma Fort has been declared National Monument by the Ministry of Culture Heritage National Direction of Heritage, bringing justice this way to the long history of the buildings. By the end of the 90s its restoration was finished, being opened to the public as a museum in December 1999.

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