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Plaza de la Revolución Square, Las Tunas

Discover one of the most relevant places in the city of Las Tunas, la Plaza de la Revolución Square, dedicated to the Major General Vicente García González.

Plaza de la Revolución Square, Las Tunas
Plaza de la Revolución Square
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The huge Plaza de la Revolución Square of Las Tunas dedicated to the Major General Vicente García represent one of the most relevant cities, just as a key point in the Independence War; since it is the place from where the President Céspedes ordered the assault to the city, the entrance through which the General Calixto García besieged, attacked and took the city or the space where it was set up the Mambise artillery where stand out as shooter José Julián Martí, son of José Martí.

Opened in 1997 by the Chief Commandant Fidel Castro in honor of the 26th July Act, the Plaza de la Revolución Square is mainly destined to great acts and massive concentrations.

The work occupies the concentration area with capacity for more than 125,000 people; the Brígida Zaldívar Park, wife of the General Vicente García, where activities for children are developed with the schools nearby the institution; and the tribune area with three tribunes which represent the times the city was set on fire, while the straight leaning walls which make it up give the effect of a military fort. Thus, this sculpture complex hosts in a summary form along seven panels, set up in a space of approximate 52 meters long, with the most important national and local historical events  of Las Tunas since 1868 to the present. As artistic news you will see that, since they are unfinished, the sculptures are summarized as symbols; furthermore, it has been used the red, or kaolin, pigmentation to transmit the feeling of fire, element which has represented so many important moments in the history of the city.

On the other hand, one of the most valuable significant elements of the complex is the monument of the General Vicente García, Lenin type, built with 5 meters height and supported by a block located by the gates of the enclosure; inside which is located the institution administrative building. The building has a protocol room, where outstanding figures of politics,culture and sports; two meeting rooms; the contemporary art room which collects sculptures, among which there are some by Rita Longa; and the Founding Generals Room, which hosts busts of diverse Mambis General, just as the replica of the machete of the Major General Vicente García.

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