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Museums in Sancti Spíritus

Visit the different museums in the province of Sancti Spíritus, where you can learn more about Cuban history and culture.

Sancti Spíritus is a very rich place regarding history and culture and these are some of the museums you cannot miss on your way through the province:

Sancti Spíritus Colonial Art MuseumSancti Spíritus Colonial Art Museum
Dive into the colonial history through the most interesting objects, paintings and colonial furniture which are exhibited in this Colonial Art Museum.

Sancti Spíritus Provincial History MuseumSancti Spíritus Provincial History Museum
Discover the history of the city through the collections exhibited in the Sancti Spíritus Provincial History Museum.

Conde Brunet Palace or Romantic MuseumConde Brunet Palace or Romantic Museum
Discover one of the most beautiful palaces in Cuba, the Sancti Spíritus Romantic Museum and enjoy its beautiful Andalucian courtyard.

Municipal Museum or Cantero PalaceMunicipal Museum or Cantero Palace
Do not miss the best views of the city of Trinidad from the tower of the Municipal Museum after diving on its history.

La Lucha Contra Bandidos National MuseumLa Lucha Contra Bandidos National Museum
Get to know Los Bandidos National Museum, a fascinating place where you can learn everything about the Cuban independence process.

Guamuhaya Archeology Museum or Casa Padrón HouseGuamuhaya Archeology Museum or Casa Padrón House
Wander around the Guamuhaya Archeology Museum discovering the indigenous Cuban cultures before and after the Columbin age.

Benito Ortiz Universal Art Gallery or Ortiz PalaceBenito Ortiz Universal Art Gallery or Ortiz Palace
Come to know Benito Ortiz Universal Art Gallery and have a look at extraordinary embroidery, cerámics and local jewelry which is exhibited.

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