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Bikes in Cuba

How to rent a bike in Cuba.

Bikes in Cuba
Bikes in Cuba. © Lezumbalaberenjena.

It is possible to rent a bike in Cuba for around 3 CUC per hour or 15 CUC for a whole day. Here you will find several options to rent bikes without any trouble in the most important parts of the country.

Travelling by Bike in Cuba.

Travelling by bike is a great option to move around in Cuba. The island features several bikeways and mixed roads, and drivers in Cuba are used to sharing the road.

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Rent a bikes in Cuba
Rent a bikes in Cuba. © Lezumbalaberenjena.

In Cuba there are biking stores, and despite having trouble to find replacements (you should take with you the most essential pieces), you shouldn’t have any trouble to repair it, since Cubans are masters in repairing anything and even produce their own handcrafted pieces. Despite, in every town there are “poncheros” that repair punctures and pump up tires.

Obtaining a helmet may be more difficult (except in the most luxurious hotels), so you should take your own with you.

You will find “parqueos” (parking lots) reserved for bikes in the most popular spots (supermarkets, bus stops, city centers, beaches, etc.) where you pay 1 CUC to park.

Roads in Cuba all feature a shoulder of, at least, 1 meter wide where you can ride your bike.

It is not advised to ride your bike during the night, since little lighting is available and could be dangerous. In case you should, have some lights attached to your bike. Trains with baggage carriages admit bikes for around 10 CUC. Viazul buses also allow bikes in their trips.

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