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Horse Carriages in Cuba

Learn more about horse carriages in Cuba.

Horse Carriages in Cuba
Horse Carriages in Cuba

Travelling in horse carriages is a perfect way to travel around Cuba and enjoy the nice views. The main cities of each provinces tend to have horse carriages with fixed routes.

They tend to be available in train stations and buses, in the city center.

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Horse Carriages
Horse Carriages. © Lezumbalaberenjena.

Riding a horse carriage is one of the most pleasurable things to do along the streets of La Havana, Cienfuegos, Camagüey, or Ciego del Ávila. In that way, you can enjoy the city centres in a different. These are safe and can be used with kids.

Horse carriage trips tend to be paid in CUP (Cuban Pesos) and are pretty inexpensive for travellers. Drivers tend to have established rates for each route, although prices can change among carriages.

It is interesting that in the early 20th century, having a horse carriage was a symbol of true luxury, only owned by the wealthiest and land owning families. Nowadays, there is a factory of horse carriages where they also produce miniatures for tourists.

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