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Paseo de Martí (Martí Promenade), Havana

Discover Martí Promenade, also known as Prado Promenade, in Havana, Cuba.

Paseo de Martí
Paseo de Martí.©Tai Pan of HK

Paseo Martí (Martí Promenade), previously known as Prado Promenade, is a long avenue located in Centro Habana, with more than 200 years of history and that was for too long the most important and beautiful avenue in Havana. Nowadays it is still an attractive spot for tourists, and a very valued site for Cubans.


Avenida Paseo de Martí
Avenida Paseo de Martí.©Tai Pan of HK
Paseo del Prado
Paseo del Prado.©Wilder Méndez

Martí Promenade is located very close to Old Havana and extends up to the beautiful La India Fountain and Fraternidad Park, as well as the Malecón of Havana.

This is the first avenue located outside the old walls of the city. Its construction, commanded by the Marquis of La Torre, started in 1772 and finished in the 1830s, during the order of Miguel Tacón. The first goal was to create a great promenade like the one in cities like Paris or Barcelona (In fact, the Prado Promenade of Havana was inspired by Las Ramblas one, in Barcelona).

This avenue has eight statues in bronze with lions shapes, looking like if their were looking after the promenade. They were added in 1928.

The promenade has two kilometers length and is divided into four sections: Promenade; Central Park, where the first sculpture of José Martí is, and Esquina Caliente, the place where Havana locals discuss about baseball; the terrace of the Capitol; and Fraternidad Park, full of busts of American and Latin American leaders.

Here, apart from La India Fountain and the El Capitolio de Cuba, can be seen places like the Matrimonios Palace (in no.302), the modern Fausto Theater (in the corner with Calle Colón Street), the Neoclassical National School of Ballet (in the corner with Trocadero), or the famous school of Ballet of Alicia Alonso.

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Paseo Martí, Centro Habana, La Habana - Cuba.

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