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Museo de la Revolución, Havana

Discover the Museo de la Revolución (Revolution Museum), in Havana, Cuba.

Museo de la Revolución, Havana
Museo de la Revolución
©Rusell & Susan

The Museo de la Revolución (Revolution Museum) of Havana is hosted in the old Presidential Palace, built between 1913 and 1920, and used by several presidents of Cuba, the last of them Fulgencio Batista. The well-known Tiffany’s designers from New York decorated its interior.


Salón in the Museo de la Revolución
Salón©Joseph Molinari
Revolution Museum, Havana, Cuba
Revolution Museum © Steve
Representación en el Museo de la Revolución
Statues ©Bit Boy

This monumental construction in Centro Habana houses one of the most interesting museums in all Cuba and is a must-visit place, specially for those ones interested in the history of Cuba.

The museum exhibits several collections of photographs, flags, documents, weapons, and other objects related to the revolutionary fighting against Batista, and the history of Cuba, in chronological order, from the pre-Columbian culture in Cuba (on the top floor), to the current society. In here stand out the exhibitions about the assault of Moncada in 1953, and about the life of Che Guevara, in the bottom rooms.

In the entrance of the museum there is a fragment of the former wall of the city, as well as a SAU-100 tank used by Castro during the invasion of Cochinos Bay in 1961.

Behind the building is the Memorial Granma Pavilion, as a homage to the 13 meters lenght yacht used to move Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, with other 80 revolutionaries, from Tuxpan (Mexico) to Cuba in 1956. The boat is exhibited inside a big crystal case. This pavilion is surrounded by light aircrafts and other vehicles related to the Revolution, which access is via the Revolution Museum itself.

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Calle Refugio nº1, La Habana - Cuba.

Ticket price:

10 CUC whith guide.

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From 10h00 am to 5h00 pm.

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