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Castillo de Jagua

Dare to explore Jagua Castle and see some breathtaking views over the bay of Cienfuegos, Cuba

Castillo de Jagua
Castillo de Jagua
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Castillo de Jagua (Jagua Castle), also known as Castle of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua, is located to the western side of the mouth of Cienfuegos bay, in Cuba.


It was designed by José Tantete in 1738 during the reign of Philip V of Spain, almost a century before the city of Cienfuegos was established.

The castle was built in only seven years due to the urgent need to defend the area from possible attacks by British pirates. It became the most important fortress in Cuba after those of Santiago and Havana.

The Renaissance-style castle was refurbished in 2010. Nowadays, along with the impressive views it has to offer over the bay, it also contains a small museum and a restaurant.

There are daily passenger ferries from the castle to Cienfuegos. From this side of the bay, it’s possible to see Juragua Nuclear Plant, built in 1976 in with the cooperation of the Soviet Union.


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Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Ticket Price:

3 CUC.

Opening Hours:

From 8am to 6pm.

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