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Plaza del Mercado Market Square, Guantánamo

Visit the Plaza del Mercado de Guantánamo Market Square and go over the monumental building discovering the architectonic value it encloses.

Plaza del Mercado Market Square, Guantánamo
Plaza del Mercado Market Square
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The Plaza del mercado de Guantánamo Market Square, designed by the architect José Lecticio Salcines from 1914 on, is one of the most representative edifications of the eclecticism of the city.

The building of the Plaza del Mercado Market Square has an important architectonic value, as it is shown for example in the ribbed cupolas, which get the attention of every visitor.

The place was though in the 19th century with the aim of creating a food market which ended up the hawkings. This wish came true in 1921 under the rule of the major Manuel Medrano Castellanos.

The building presents a lower roof with rectangular structure with four areas dedicated to the commerce and gone across by pedestrian streets; while the roof is crowned on its outside side by a sculptoric compound with Neoclassic style and mythological themes which symbolize the chant to the prosperity and developments. Also, it can be seen the shield of the city compound by an anvil, a shovel, a rope, two wheels and an anchor, representing a praise to the work as basis of the progress and well-being of the people and the happiness of life. All the compound has a parapet formed by lattices made in the age when the city has a more economic advantage and the target of modernizing the environments.

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Calle Los Maceo e/ Prado y Jesús del Sol, Guantánamo. Guantánamo, Cuba

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