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Zoológico de Piedras, Guantánamo

Enjoy a day in this magnificent zoo, the only stone zoo in the world, located a few kilometres away from the city of Guantanamo

Zoológico de Piedras, Guantánamo
Zoológico de Piedras, Guantánamo
© Ángel Iñigo Blanco

Zoológico de Piedras (Stone Zoo), located in the San Lorenzo Ranch in the municipality of Yateras, 24 kilometres away from the city of Guantanamo, was created by the famous sculptor Ángel Íñigo Blanco, whose merit lies on not having studied the degree of Plastic Arts and choosing the self-taught learning.

This original zoo opened on 21 December 1977 and, sculptural pieces have been done for more than 29 years ever since. With approximately 426 stone pieces which inhabit this exotic landscape, the area is a fundamental work that reflects the life of the animals through stone shapes, ranging from the elephant to sculptural complexes as lions attacking a buffalo, among many others.

On your visit to the stone zoo you can always reach the highest part of the place by climbing the 324 steps which are reduced to 245 on the way back. Up there you will see the many different animals which are exhibited in conditioned areas to recreate their natural habitat depending on their origin.

It is an incredible jungle landscape of great value that was declared National Cultural Heritage on 26 June 1985.

Come and visit one of the most beloved spots by the Cuban people and admire the originality of this wonderful patrimonial complex.

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Alto de Boquerón en Felicidad de Yateras, municipio Yateras. Guantanamo, Cuba

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