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La Bodeguita del Medio

Discover and try some of the best Creole cuisine in La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant in Havana, Cuba

La Bodeguita del Medio
La Bodeguita del Medio.
©Gabriel Bermejo.

La Bodeguita del Medio is a must-visit, typical restaurant of Havana, and one of the most attractive tourist spots. Old Havana has been frequented by countless visitors, from well-known writers like Ernest Hemingway to important politicians. 

Its interior offers a typical Cuban atmosphere, as well as Creole cuisine and excellent music.

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La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant in Havana
La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant

Following the initiative of Leandro García, a journalist who signed the restaurant’s wall, all famous people who visit the place do the same. They leave a memento there in the form of a print, a picture, an object, or some graffiti; it is even possible to find the signatures of some historical figures, like Salvador Allende, Ernest Hemingway, or Pablo Neruda.

This restaurant dates back to 1942, when it was a small shop known as La Bodeguita de Martínez, selling drinks and some sautés. At that time is was already frequented by thinkers who used to go to a nearby printing house before meeting in La Bodeguita.

Little by little, La Bodeguita started to host more food and drinks, as well the amount of people who dined there. Even though they don’t know exactly when this started, it began to be known as La Bodeguita del Medio.

You can’t miss your chance to visit this place on your way through Habana Vieja. If you have time, taste some off the typical Creole menu (black beans, pork legs, marinated yucca, white rice, crackling, tostones, etc) and a fantastic typical drink like the mojito. If you don’t book a table in advance you won’t probably have another chance to get one, but you will for sure enjoy an incredible atmosphere surrounded by Cuban history.

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Calle Empedrado, (Next to Plaza de la Catedral), Havana - Cuba.

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