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Calle Mercaderes Street

Discover the emblematic Calle Mercaderes Street and its surroundings in Old Havana, Cuba

Calle Mercaderes Street, Old Havana
Calle Mercaderes Street ©Tai Pan

Calle Mercaderes Street has been totally refurbished by the Old Havana Historian's Office. It is currently paved and pedestrian friendly, being an almost complete copy of the original 18th-century street.

The street is full of museums, shops, restaurants and wonderful social programmes such as the Motherhood House. Most of the museums and buildings that stand out in this street are free, including: Casa de Asia House Museum, with paintings and sculptures from China; Tobacco Museum; Armería 9 de Abril Museum; Firefighters Museum; Casa de África House Museum,  which houses sacred Santería items (Caribbean religion of African origin); Chocolate MuseumSimón Bolívar House Museum; and Oswaldo Guayasamín House Museum.

Simón Bolivar Statue in Calle Mercaderes Street
Simón Bolivar Statue ©T.Pan

This street contains other museums and interesting places (payed, but at a reasonable price) among which stand out the Museo Maqueta de la Habana Vieja (Scale Model of Old Havana Museum), Casa de México Benito Juárez House Museum, or Casa de la Obrapía House.

The crossroad of Calle Mercaderes and Obrapía Streets has a more international atmosphere, and contains a bronze Simón Bolívar statue, the liberator of Latin America.

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