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Tívoli, Santiago de Cuba

Go all over the beautiful neighbourhood of Tívoli and live its carnivals while you admire its exceptional architecture and landscapes in Santiago de Cuba.

Tívoli, Santiago de Cuba
© Claude Leclerc

Visit the symbolic neighbourhood of Tívoli and visit its steep streets, flanked by high houses looking at the sea, alleys and hills. Inhabited mainly by French immigrants in their fled because of the Haitian raising, the neighbourhood was created in the first half of the 17th century by the poor and creole Spaniards who came from outside.

Escalinata Padre Pico Highway, Santiago de Cuba
Escalinata Padre Pico Highway
© Marie Claude Leclerc

The name is owed to a Café Concert for more than 300 people built by the French with the name Le Tívoli, which was adopted by the whole neighbourhood. The European influence can be seen in the architecture of the streets as well and in the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the place.

Go all over the historic streets of the important neighbourhood of Santiago and go up the gorgeous stairway to the famous Trocha Street, very well-known because of the carnival festivities in which the pagan African traditions and the French saloon balls join. Do not miss the chante of witnessing the mixture of culture in this fascinating neighbourhood, where you can still see the well known dance known as French tomb along with tambourines and other African instruments.

A place that saw the birth of important Cuban musicians, its Carnival is one of the most famous ones in the area and, along with the views of the bay and the mountains, make the visit something very special, accessed through the Escalinata de Padre Pico Stairway in the Loma de Corbacho Hill. You can also find in the area the Clandestine Fight Museum (Museo de Lucha Clandestina) and the house in which Fidel Castro lived between 1931 and 1933.

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