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Pioneers’ Palace, Santiago de Cuba

Admire the imposing Pioneers’ Palace, the biggest house in Santiago de Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pioneers’ Palace, Santiago de Cuba
Pioneers’ Palace
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Have a look at the beautiful Palacio de los Pioneros (Pioneers’ Palace) in Santiago de Cuba, former house reconverted in a social center for primary and secondary school children where they can get vocational formation and which specialities go from electronics to veterinary, going through computers and music.

In the center, there are different activities with the aim of increasing the skills and abilities of the children through the development of the different games prepared.

However, and without forgetting the importance of the activities taking place there, the interest of the Pioneers Palace is not just education, but also the historic building erected at the beginning of the 20th century by the architect Carlos Segrera who also designed the Emilio Bacardi Museum, the Provincial Government Palace, the Casa Grande Hotel and the Glorieta de Manzanillo Plaza, among others.

When it was built, this was the largest dwelling in the city and an imposing sample of a four roof eclectic building. From the two tower powerfully erected on the facade, one was used as a chapel for the family of Don José Bosch Vincens for the religious cult.

In front of the building, a series of beautiful gardens welcome the visitor who can witness the splendid combination of fruit trees and aviaries among flowers’ massives.

Richly furnished, the palace still has part of the original furniture of the beginning of the 20th century and, although they are not still in the house nowadays, it is known that the house had plenty of glasswares and important pieces of art.

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Avenida Manduley con calle 11, Santiago de Cuba.

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