Varadero, Cuba

Enjoy one of the most idyllic places in Cuba, with its glamorous hotels and amazing beaches.

Varadero, Cuba
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Varadero, located at 36 km from the city of Matanzas, in the Hicacos peninsula, is the Cuban point closest to the US.


Tower in Varadero
Tower in Varadero
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With an extension of 30 km of which 22 km are beaches, Varadero is considered, by its continual tropical light, its exotic exuberant vegetation and the warmth of its waters, one of the main touristic attractions for the European travellers. The Playa de Varadero Beach, or Playa Azul Beach, beautiful settlement of pink and golden sand and shiny water, is mentioned among the names of the most imposing beaches of the world. Doubtlessly, it is the most beautiful one in the Cuban archipelago.

Varadero, Cuba
© Marc Ross

The Varadero area has noth to do with the traditional Cuban seasoning; it is more similar to the Californian summer areas and, to a lesser extent, to the Canary Islands. The main hotel chains have built luxury results to the edge of the beach equipped to satisfy every wish of the tourist, which makes Varadero the ideal place for those seeking a deserved rest where come first the drinks, cocktails and nightlife.

Varadero began to be famous in the 19th century, when the richest families of Cuba discovered its natural potential as holiday destination; potential appreciated in the 50s by the North American tourists, when Cuba was under the possession of Fulgencio Batista.

Currently, a great amount of the Europeans come to enjoy the delights of Varadero, running away from the constant cold of the majority of the continent.

In addition to the beach and the sun, Varadero counts with other attractives which make it a very desirable area to spend a few days.

It is famous for the variety it offers regarding the practice of sports, especially the aquatic ones. It is a mine for diving, there is an amazing quantity of species which inhabit the seabed of the Playa de Varadero Beach. Multicolour fishes, corals and mollusks are some of the wonder you will find if you decide to take advantage of the possibilities brought by this enriching sport.

One of the best known events in the area is the golf championship celebrated in the Golf Country Club House, to which lovers of this sport come from all over the world.

Horseback or bicycle ridings are a good alternative to combine with the sun and sea bathes in the fabulous beaches of Varadero.

Although sometimes it is spoken about the lack of Cuban flavour in Varadero and it lack of cultural life, the truth is that, for those who like this, the city counts with some fascinating places to visit. An example of this is, among other, the Cultural Assets Fund, where you will see exhibiting the best plastic works by artist from Matanzas, and painting of Cuban famous Cuban painters, such as Roberto Fabelo or Zaida del Río.

As a curiosity it should be emphasized the finding in Varadero of the bone remains of one of the first inhabitants of the island of Cuba. They can detailed appreciate in the local museum.

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