Old Havana

Discover Old Havana on your way through of Cuba.

Havana Cathedral, Old Havana
Havana Cathedral © F.Larrede

Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, Old Havana is the old city of Havana, stemming from the port and the official center, Plaza de Armas Square. In Old Havana, you’ll find all kinds of old monuments, fortresses, churches, or palaces filled with real architectural gems from different periods, and offering one of the most complete urban constructions collections in all America.


Castillo de la Real Fuerza Castle, Old Havana
Castillo de la Real Fuerza Castle
© P.Marshall
Plaza Vieja Square, Old Havana
Plaza Vieja Square, Old Havana
© F.Larrede

This single area of the city has more than 900 historically important constructions offering several examples of a unique architecture that goes from the intricate Baroque to the sumptuous Art Deco.

Havana was created surrounding, not only one -like most Colonial cities-, but four different main squares: the Plaza de Armas Square, housing a fortress and a large patio used for military parades; the Plaza de la Catedral Square, the religious center of the city; the Plaza Vieja Square, that used to house and important market; and the Plaza de San Francisco de Asís Square, the main loading and unloading dock of the Spanish galleons.

To explore Old Havana it is recommendable to stroll on its four main Colonial squares, connected between them by narrow cobblestone streets. The Historian Office in Old Havana has spent a lot of its time in giving back to it the wonderful Colonial looking of its four squares.

Havana also hosts a great number of museums. The Old Havana Scale-Model Museum is located in Mercaderes Street, a must-visit place to acquire a general view of this wonderful area of the city. Other essential visits in Old Havana are: the City Museum, Sailing Museum, Royal Force Museum, Rum MuseumColonial Art Museum and Casa Natal de José Martí (Birthplace Museum).

Here also stand out places like Mercaderes Street, filled with free-admission museums, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza Castle, and the Segundo Cabo Palace, located in Plaza de Armas Square; Havana Cathedral, Marquis of Arcos Palace, Casa de Lombillo House, Condes de Casa Bayona Palace, La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant and the Marquis of Aguas Claras Palace, in Plaza de la Catedral Square; the Planetarium, located in Plaza Vieja Square; the San Francisco de Asís Church and Convent, in Plaza de San Francisco de Asís Square; and the Numismatic Museum, in Obispo Street.

Old Havana has a wonderful nightlife. The essence of this city can be felt all along the clubs in Obispo Street and Plaza Vieja Square.

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What to see in Old Havana

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