Baseball in Cuba

Visit one of the most important stadiums in Cuba and enjoy baseball, the sport with more fans of the country.

Baseball in Cuba
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There are wide, participative and moving events, which the Cuban fans live with great passion: they fill the stadium seats given them color, the cheer the teams, discuss and give their opinions on the streets. The ball national series are a spectacle you cannot miss.

Baseball or ball, as it is known by the Cubans, is the national sport of the country. It was introduced around 1860 by American sailors on their way through their ports and by Cubans who studied in the US. When they returned, they founded the Havana Baseball Club, the first baseball team, not just in Cuba but in all Latin American.

The fever of the Cubans by the ballgame had increased until in 1878 it was founded the Cuban Professional Baseball League, and stadiums were built all over the country where you could see great players as Carlos Macia, Fernando Santana, Ramón Hernández, Ramón García, and Alejandro del Castillo.

Nowadays, the most important one if the Latin American Stadium, in the municipality of Cerro in Havana. It is a multipurpose space with capacity for 55,000 spectators, known as Cerro’s Colosseum of the Latin. It is the headquarters of Cuba Baseball National Committee and home of the Industriales team, the most laureated one with 12 titles on its back.

There are just a few of the oldest and most emblematic stadiums in the country:

Capitán San Luis
Cristóbal Labra
Santiago “Changa” Mederos
Augusto César Sandino
José Ramón Cepero
Cándido González
Mártires de Barbados
Nguyen Van Troi
Gillermón Moncada

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